“West Papua Constitution Must be in Effect before Special Autonomy Law Ends”, says Gen. Tabi

Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi from Central Defence Headquarters of West Papua Army says the Provisional Constitution of the Republic of West Papua must be ready towards the end of the Special Autonomy Law and before Indonesia legalizes the Special Autonomy Law III from January 1, 2121.

Special Autonomy Law I began on 1 May 1963, when the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority (UNTEA) handed over West Irian to Indonesia and Indonesia promised the United Nations and the Netherlands that Indonesia will build West Papua within 25 years, then Indonesia will allow a referendum for self-determination be conducted.

This law ended 14 December 1988, this was why Dr. Thomas Wapai Wainggai proclaimed the Independence of West Papua Country.

Special Autonomy II started on 1 December 2001, based on UU Otsus No. 21/2001 which was legalised in November 2001 by Megawati Sukarnoputri. This special autonomy law is effective for 20 years, therefore, it will end this year (2020).

Special Autonomy III will begin from 2021.

This is why West Papua Indepdendence movement organisation such as TPN PB OPM under Jeffry Bomanak or ULMWP under Benny Wenda must make sure that West Papua has a formal constitution, recognized and accepted by many parties in West Papua and the people of West PApua in order to apply into the region of the Republic of West Papua.

When asked about his position on Jeffry Bomanak, Gen. Tabi says it is not time anymore to talk about differences within West Papuan people.

We have wasted to a lot of valuable time in thinking and talking about internal frictions and this make us have no energy and no time to even think about how to fight Indonesian, let alone the actual fighting,

All Melanesians in West Papua are now focusing on Special Autonomy Law and West Papua independence. We are all one One People – One Soul, we are only different in approaches and methods to gain independence, but the people and the goal or soul just one and the same for all of us

Only Indonesia and her supporters want to call this differences as factionalism and internal conflicts.

says Tabi.

He emphasizes that ULMWP or OPM must have a clear, legitimate, publicly recognized constitution for West Papua, clear and legitimate government established based on this constitution and announce this to the world. This constitution and government should go international and seek recognition from global community.

Tabi says, “This is the only way forward on the table. No more bloodshed, no more bloody conflicts. We want to resolve problems in a civilized manner”.

Asked about the statement from former Vice-President of Indonesia that wants to hold dialogues with all parties in West Papua, Gen. Tabi says he has no capacity and no duty to talk anything political. He proposes MELANESIA.news to ask Benny Wenda or Jeffery Bomanak.

When MELANESIA.news asked Gen. Tabi whether or not he is happy with what the ULMWP is doing with West Papua Army (WPA), he says, “Surely my Commander-in-Chief, Gen. WPRA Mathias Wenda is not so happy. I am so unhappy. Almost all military commands in West Papua are unhappy.”

Asked whether or not WPA will approach TPN PB OPM under Jeffry Bomay, Gen. Tabi says no answer this far, but at least all commands campaigning for West Papua independence have one ancestral line, one nation, one goal: to free West Papua from colonialism.


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