Gen. WPRA A. Tabi: There is No Struggle without Internal Conflict, So Do these 3 Things to Celebrate Life

The only way to end the internal conflict is to “stop from struggle” or the most extreme one is to “end” this life. Death is the beginning of peace, and birth is the beginning of conflict.

I mean conflict in a positive way, the act of balancing, of pulling and pushing, of up and down, of day and night, or male and female, of pros and cons, of sad and happy, and so on.

Gen. Tabi said there should be persons or groups that do not agree and even refuse the existence and activities of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP). We should not consider this as a problem, but we have to treat it as a task of this life to go through.

In other words, Tabi says if there is no dynamic of push – pull, up-down, like-dislike in whatever we do then you need to question “Am I alive? Am I doing something or not doing anything?”

So, he explains, when anyone disagrees with you, the first thing to do is “to thank God!”, for this life that you have does not belong to you, but you are just having this life right now, given by God, and He will take this life away from the body we have right now.

Thank Him for this life! Thank for ULMWP! thank for what we do in this life! Thank for what others are doing to us! Thank for all of it!

Then, the second thing to do is “send petition to God of what is happening right now, why and what you think about it.” If someone wants to attack you, or gossiping about you, or talking good things about you and praise you, then you must do the same thing to both parties, “Thank God and tell God about what is happening”.

Tell him everything and be glad God hears your prayers.

One important thing to remember is that the final decision should come from God. We only send petitions to Him. It is His will that should be and always be done on this life. Acknowledge this Law of Nature, the absolute Truth of God and accept it.

The third thing you should do is “forgive and forget everybody> Forgive and forget those who love, praises you! Forgive and forget those who hate, gossip and threatens you”. You forgive all, and forget all, without sentiments, without discrimination.

Tabi concinues, once you forgive and forget, both the ones that make you proud and happy and those who make you feel sad, unhappy and angry, then you will be become part of the pull-push, drag-push, up-down, bad-god, sad-happy mood and you become free from all, and become still and become pure.

You will not in a mode of fighting against the reality, but rather one of the participants in the pulse. You become yourself, not the self that others said about you or to you, and even not as you think about yourself.

If you try to act against or re-act on the opposite direction, then you are actually creating trouble for yourselves. When you pull something, you must accept that there will be push. At the time you throw a ball up, then you must know that the ball will fall down. When you do good things on this life, you must accept that there will be negative side of it. When you do your best to your people, be sure that there will be people who will not be thankful, but conversely will mock you.

That only thing we can be certain about in this life is that everything is self-balancing, automatically pulses. There is no life without pulsation, the balancing act according to the law of nature, law of life. When there is no one is against you or for you, then you must understand and accept that in fact you are not doing anything at all. There is no life in you! You are dead!

So celebrate life! Life is about struggle, moving, flowing, welcoming and refusing, happy and unhappy, worried and certain, calm and nervous, angry and love, …

Just welcome it! Just accept it. Just smile to it! Just celebrate this life!

This is the voice of the “Revolutionary Army”, that is, the revolution of the way to picture yourself, and the way you picture your world based on your self-image. This is the essence of the West Papua Revolutionary Army)

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