Gen. A. Tabi: No More Unconstitutional Moves

From the Central Headquarters of the West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA), in the names of God Almighty, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Most High Commander in Chief of World Revolutions at all times, in the name of the Holy Spirit that gives us wisdom, knowledge and power, Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi invited all Melanesians from and in West Papua to celebrate 1 December 2020 as the historic National Awakening Day for West Papua as a collective entity called Papuan people, West Papua nation-state and New Guinea crown pigeon as our national state emblem.

“West Papua independence movement has already legalized a provisional constitution to rule above all interests and this law is the supreme commander of all independence movements and organisations. The Legislative Council of the United Liberation Movement for Wet Papua (ULMWP) has passed the Provisional Constitution in October 2020.

We have now entered into a new era of our independence movement: organised, unified, modern and constitutional government that leads our independence movement.

No more factionalism! No more stigma of separatists! No more branding of illegal groups or trouble-makers! No more law-breakers! It is time now to call Indonesia and her troops as illegal, trouble-makers and illegitimate representation of our Melanesian will and aspirations.

West Papua Army is now a legal combat troops to free a colonised territory of West Papua and hear peoples.

Let us unite as a people, with one goal: to free West Papua, to free Indonesia, to free Melanesia, to free the world from colonialism and from environmental crises.

says Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi, one of the Commands of WPA

The isle of New Guinea has the answer to global environmental problems. We Melanesians in West Papua have the legitimate experience and knowledge to contribute to the world.

December 1st, 1961 is the day where our national flag, national anthem and state emblem were officially installed, recognised by the colonial governments of both the Netherlands and Australia.

We invite all Melanesians in West Papua and from West Papua, to act according to the rule of law, subdue ourselves, our differences and our struggle to the constitution, set aside our differences, unite ourselves with one spirit: One People – One Soul!

All the praise, worship and honour to Him only! Let us surrender to His Plan, His Power and His Protection!

Issued at Central Defense Headquarters,
On date: 30 November 2020


Amunggut Tabi, Gen. WPRA,
BRN: A.DF 018676

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