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Gen. Amunggut Tabi Condems Church Bombings in Makassar, Indonesia

And Promises West Papua Army is established Based on Brotherly Love that Promotes Harmony, norms, values and systems Melanesians inherited from our Ancestors

General WPRA Amunggut Tabi condemns the church bombings in Makassar, Indonesia that have caused several Christians injured and God’s place of worship once again under terror condition.

Gen. Tabi continues West Papua is being marginalized and treated badly, the humanity of Melanesians are degraded, the independence fighters are hunted day and night, villages are bombed, villages are killed on daily basis, firstly and primarily because Indonesia wants to expand its Islamic Empire across the South Pacific.

Indonesia knows that West Papua is the entry-gate of the Islamic Empire into Melanesian, Micronesian and Polynesian territories in the South Pacific.

The “terror” and “cover-up” approach has been used by Indonesia since Indonesia’s independence in keeping international support for its occupation over various indigenous islands and lands in what is imagined by Javanese Mataram Empire as “Indonesia”: Sumatera, Borneo, Bali, Madura, Sulawesi, Moluccas, Nusa Tenggara and New Guinea.

This bombing is orchestrated to attract support from the United States President, Joe Biden, to supports its terror unit within Indonesia’s the military and police commands.

This bombing once again proves that Indonesia is not a democratic country, that Indonesia hates Christians, and that there are many home-grown terrorists groups and agents within the community, government agencies and also very actively involved in military and police ranks.

Gen. Tabi reiterates that the USA surely knows how terrorism are grown and looked after in Indonesia. Terror groups are important to combat human rights campaigners in Indonesia, to eliminate independence movement in Aceh, West Papua, Moluccas, Bali, Madura, Riau and Borneo. Terror groups are trained by the military in West and Central Java. And they are deployed into West Papua and other Christian provinces of Indonesia.

Gen. Tabi says West Papua nation-state is a Green Nation-State, a Blue Country, a country that respects and protects human rights, and will never allow anyone to band or bomb any churches, stupa, mosques or any sacred sites belongs to tribes and indigenous peoples. West Papua will recognize and protect relations with God as the primary and pre-requisite for relations with other beings and with each other.

He says no Melanesian fighters in West Papua will touch the sacred sites and worship places at any time, with any reason whatsoever. Certain religions and religious groups in Indonesia are being prepared and trained by Indonesian military and police agencies to obliterate Christianity in West Papua and Melanesia.

Catholic and Christian Churches in Indonesia must support Free West Papua Campaign. West Papua now has a Provisional Government that has Christian Ministry Department/ Minister that is particularly funded and dedicated to Evangelise Indonesia and win Indonesia to Jesus Christ.

Gen. Tabi condemns this bombing as barbaric, inhuman, degrading humanity and act of immoral and uncivilized deed.

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  1. The 2002 bombings in Makassar, Indonesia occurred on 5 December 2002, where a bomb exploded within inner-city McDonald’s restaurant.[1] The McDonald’s restaurant was located in the Ratu Indah shopping mall, in Makassar.[2] These bomb actions were conducted by the Islamic group “Laskar Jundullah”, which caused death to 3 people, including the bomber himself, and injured 15 others.[1] The leader of the group, Agung Abdul Hamid, received a jail sentence of 18 years due to the planning and execution of both the bomb and the attack in Makassar.[3] There is police confirmation that the Islamic group, behind the McDonald’s attack in Makassar, was Laskar Jundullah Islamic Militia, where many of their beliefs and values reflect and stem from those of The ‘Jamaah Islamiyah’ Islamic Group.[1]


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