Call for Jihadis to go to West Papua following unrest

Johnny Blades, RNZ Pacific

Indonesia's Front Jihad Islam looks to recruit jihadis to take up arms in West Papua Photo: Supplied
Indonesia’s Front Jihad Islam looks to recruit jihadis to take up arms in West Papua Photo: Supplied

Jihadis are being encouraged to go and fight in West Papua by Indonesian Muslim hardliners.

Front Jihad Islam, or FJI, issued a call to arms in the Indonesia-ruled Papuan provinces after non-Papuan settlers were among the victims of recent violence there.

Unrest has surged in Papua region since August, including a day of rioting and violence in the Highlands city of Wamena two weeks ago when about 30 people were killed.

The unrest came off the back of widespread public demonstrations by West Papuans protesting against racism and calling for a referendum on independence from Indonesia.

According to Indonesia’s government, more than 11,500 people have been evacuated from Wamena since then due to safety fears. That many of these people are settlers from other parts of Indonesia has caused concern and prompted action back in Java.

FJI has been busy spreading its message online, replete with videoed torching of the Papuan Morning Star Flag and banners calling for Jihadis to be recruited for fighting in Papua against Papuans.

That’s a concern to Saiful Islam Payage, the head of Papua’s chapter of the Ulema Council, Indonesia’s top Muslim clerical body.

“I am very worried. So, I strongly forbid the Laskar who are in the name of religion for war or jihad in Papua,” he said.

He said that for now, there were only demonstrations in Java, and that no mobilisation of jihadis had yet occurred in the Papuan provinces. But he warned that if hardliners sought to bring their brand of divisiveness to Papua, he would have them expelled.

Indonesia's Front Jihad Islam looks to recruit jihadis to take up arms in Papua Photo: Supplied
Indonesia’s Front Jihad Islam looks to recruit jihadis to take up arms in Papua Photo: Supplied

Indonesian human rights researcher Andreas Harsono said that following recent violence in Wamena, a number of Islamic groups mobilised in Javanese cities.

Those organisations had been making two types of public calls – one, from a Muslim NGO network, was urging people to donate to humanitarian assistance for victims of the unrest in Wamena and other parts of Papua.

The other, from the likes of the FJI and the Islamic Defenders Front, was a call to recruit jihadis to go to Papua and protect fellow Muslims.

According to Mr Harsono, his concern stems from the way that most Indonesians have limited knowledge of the situation in Papua and the context of widespread human rights abuses there.

“Most victims are indigenous Papuans. Many Indonesians do not know the problems there,” he said.

“But because of emotions, because of sentiment, Muslim sentiment, they might think that fellow Muslims are being victimised in Papua. Thus, they will provide the ingredients to support these kind of misleading calls.”

While noting his concern, the researcher also said that he didn’t deem the threat as major currently because as yet no cleric of significant influence had called for jihadis in Papua.

Furthermore, Mr Harsono said that Indonesian military and police personnel were on hand to provide security in Wamena and other towns in a region where the population was predominantly Christian.

While Papua has generally enjoyed harmonious inter-religious relations, Mr Harsono said groups aggressively promoting sharia law already had a foothold in the region.

“We have one in Sorong; we are also seeing Laskar Jihad, a militant Muslim group, setting up a base in Keerom; also in Wamena – not militant, but quite aggressive.

“So these kinds of organisations are starting to appear in many parts of both Papua and West Papua provinces over the last decade.”

The presence of hardline Islamic campaigners in Keerom regency, which sits right on the border with Papua New Guinea, is not the only security concern along the 141st meridian east.

Land and sea access points between the two countries were closed last weekafter two people died in a shootout near the border on the Indonesian side where there’s been a troop build-up.

The governor of PNG’s West Sepik province, Tony Wouwou, said fellow Melanesians on the other side looked to flee across the border to safety in PNG.

But he said having Indonesian military in pursuit of them brought risk for his people.

“I’m a bit scared. I’m worried if my people go across and you never know what could happen. They might get bullet wounds or something because the Indonesians might think we’re Wamenas [people from Wamena] and all this, and receive a wound, and maybe our people will retaliate or something. I don’t want that to happen.”

He said the border entry point to Indonesia should remain closed until security threats abate.

Source: RNZ

Warning to the Indonesian Military and the Indonesian Government by Egianus Kogeya.

Warning to the Indonesian Military and the Indonesian Government by the Ndugama Defense Region Commander of TPNPB-OPM Bridgen Egianus Kogeya.

KOMNAS TPNPB-OPM Press Release on July 13th, 2019.

On Friday July 12th, 2019, the management of KOMNAS TPNPB-OPM Headquarters has received a report from the KODAP III Commander of TPNPBNdugama, Papua through Courier.

In his report, the TPNPB-OPM KODAP III Commander Bridgen Egianus Kogeya demands to responsibility for the TNI and the Indonesian Government for the kidnapping of a one-year and eight months-old child, which had been kidnapped by the TNI after his mother was shot dead on Monday July 8th, 2019.

Please follow the Ndugama Region Commander of TPNPB-OPM statement 

We TPNPB-OPM affirm to the TNI and the Government of Indonesia that the TNI shot dead Ms. Kenmalak Gwijangge on Monday July 8th, 2019 and her 1-year and Eight months-old child kidnapped by TNI forces.Therefore the families of the victims and Ndugama defense Region Commander of TNPB-OPM urged to the Governor of the Papua Province and the Central Government of Indonesia in Jakarta with the TNI to immediately return the children who were One Year Eight Months old.

If it’s not the opposite, then I Egianus Kogeya will reply. In this right, the TNI shot dead one mother and one child. But I am Egianus Kogeya and the TPNPB-OPM Forces will reply, With the Goals of the Indonesian people who are straight haired in the land of Papua, especially Ndugama heading to Wamena, I will shoot everyone.

Please forward this statement, Ndugama Defense Region Commander of TPNPB-OPM Bridgen Egianus Kogeya massage. This message was sent through courier of TPNPB-OPM to the Management of the West Papua National Libertion Headquarters. 

Clarification of the age of children who have been kidnapped by the TNI:
The age of the child kidnapped by the TNI on Monday July 8th, 2019 is One Year Eight Months. In our first report we wrote that the age of children kidnapped by the TNI was eight months, but after we collected additional 
information reported that the child who had been kidnapped by the TNI was one 
year Eight Months.


This report needs to conduct an investigation by a team of human rights workers with independence or by the United Nations, because the TNI closes access for humanitarian workers. The Indonesian military also did not provide space for independence human rights workers to Ndugama, in areas of war conflict between the Indonesian 
Military and the TPNPB-OPM.

And complete information may contact Theo Hesegem in Wamena, Papua.

Forward to all Journalists and Human Rights Working Groups around the World by Spokesman of TPNPB-OPM Mr. Sebby Sambom.

Please see the photo of Mrs. Kenmalak Gwijangge with her child below:

For full report also see attached copies of statement.

TPN-OPM Nyatakan Bertanggung Jawab Atas Penembakan di Nduga

Jayapura – Tentara Pembebasan Nasional – Organisasi Papua Merdeka (TPN-OPM) melalui salah satu petinggi organisasi itu, Panglima Daerah Militer Markodap III Ndugama, Egianus Kogeya menyatakan bertanggung jawab terhadap penyerangan pekerja Jembatan Kali Aworak, Kali Yigi, dan Pos TNI di Distrik Mbua, Papua.

Hal ini dikatakan Juru Bicara TPN-OPM Sebby Sambom dalam rilisnya kepada, Rabu (5/12) siang. Sebby Sambom mengatakan, Panglima Daerah Tentara Pembebasan Nasional Papua Barat (TPNPB) Markodap III Ndugama, Egianus Kogeya menyatakan bertanggung jawab terhadap penyerangan pekerja Jembatan Kali Aworak, Kali Yigi, dan Pos TNI Distrik Mbua.

Disebutkan, sejak 2 Desember 2018 di bawah pimpinan Komandan Operasi Tuan Pemne Kogeya, telah dilakukan operasi di Kali Aworak dan Kali Yigi dengan sasaran operasi Jembatan Kali Aworak, Kali Yigi, dan Pos TNI Distrik Mbua.

“Kami yang lakukan dan kami siap bertanggung jawab. Penyerangan ini di bawah pimpinan Panglima Daerah Makodap III Ndugama Tuan Egianus Kogoya dan komandan Operasi, Pemne Kogeya. Lebih dari tiga bulan kami memantau dan melakukan patroli, dan kami sudah secara lengkap mempelajari pekerja di Jembatan Kali Aworak, Kali Yigi, dan Pos TNI Distrik Mbua. Mereka adalah satu kesatuan,” kata Seby yang menyampaikan keterangan Egianus Kogeya.

Diungkapkan, Pos Mbua adalah pos resmi sebagai pos kontrol dan yang bekerja di Kali Aworak dan Kali Yigi adalah murni anggota TNI (Zeni Tempur/Zipur). “Karena kami tahu bahwa yang bekerja selama ini untuk jalan Trans (Papua) dan jembatan-jembatan yang ada sepanjang Jalan Habema Juguru Kenyam Batas Batu adalah murni anggota TNI,” katanya.

Lanjut dia, sasaran serangan mereka tidak salah, sebab TPN-OPM tahu mana pekerja sipil atau tukang biasa, dan mana pekerja anggota TNI. “Walaupun mereka berpakaian sipil atau preman,” katanya.

“Kami juga siap bertanggung jawab terhadap penyerangan Pos TNI di Distrik Mbua. Yang melakukan perlawanan dan penyerangan adalah TPNPB Markodap III Ndugama, bukan warga sipil. Kami pimpinan sampai anggota TPNPB Komando Nasional punya kode etik perang revolusi. Kami tidak akan berperang melawan warga sipil yang tidak seimbang dan sepadan,” kata Sebby Sambom.

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