Human Rights Emergency: Indonesian Terror on Peaceful Demonstration in West Papua

Please advocate. This message came from a student at Cendewasih University, Jayapura, West Papua.

Some students were arrested at this time 09.00 Wit. At Gapura Uncen Abepura and below to the Jayapura Police. Several Students Arrested For Peaceful Demonstration Against Special Autonomy Volume II. Some of them had been beaten and were bleeding profusely.

Several students were arrested and forced to ride in Indonesian police cars. All the space for movement of students and the people of Papua continues to be silenced.
The Indonesian colonial government unilaterally without regard to the voices of the Papuan people will ratify Special Autonomy Volume 2.

Please advocate, help to monitor the situation in West Papua.

WPRA Will Retaliate against Indonesian army and police if….

Only if the Indonesian army (TNI) and police (Polri) continue to kill students and unarmed civilized on daily basis, unstopped by international civilized community then West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) will retaliate.

Recent deployments of active military and police troops, equipped with fire arms to kill Melanesians in West Papua clearly indicate that Indonesia is declaring war against Melanesians. All Melanesian leaders must united now, because we are defending our human dignity and integrity. We are not just fighting against foreign occupation, but more than that, these military might has been undermining God created human beings in His own Image by calling us Melanesians “monkeys”, “pigs” and “dogs”.

The world should note that it is Indonesia that love violence, love killing, and Indonesia is NOT a democratic country, but it is fully controlled by military might that terrorize Indonesian civilians.

WPRA Strongly Condemns the Killing of Students and Civilians by TNI/ Polri

From the Central Defense Headwaters of West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA), Amunggut Tabi, Gen. WPRA hereby


the brutal unlawful shootings against un-armed students and civilians who are demonstrating against violation of human dignity by Indonesian TNI and Police officers as well as Indonesian teachers calling Melanesians as “monkeys”.

This time the shootings and killings happened in Wamena and Jayapura on 23 September 2019, adding the numbers to hundreds of thousands of Melanesians, man, women and children, young, adult and children, male and female.

This Nazism of Indonesia and inhuman government should end its occupation over the Republic of West Papua and the international community must respond to humanitarian crises happening for so long.

Issued at: Central Headwaters of WPRA
On Date: 24 September 2019



Amunggut Tabi, Gen. WPRA
BRN: A.DF 018676

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