Immediate Response Required: West Papua Refugees Crossing Wutung into Vanimo, Papua New Guinea

Secretariat-General of West Papua Army (WPA) has received direct information from the Supreme Commander of WPA Chief Gen. Mathias Wenda at the WAP Headquarters that there will be refugees coming into Vanimo through Wutung international road connecting West Papua and Papua New Guinea.

The number of refugees is yet to confirm.

Chief Gen. Wenda confirms that West Papua Command take military respond when Indonesian troops do not allow the civilians to take refugee into Papua New Guinea.

Live broadcast of the event will be broadcasted at Facebook Page Called “Wim Awiyak“.

For further information, please contact Chief General Wenda via: 71306008 (in Tok Pisin) and 70873176 (in English)

Yours sincerely,

Amunggut Tabi, Gen. WPA

West Papua unrest: Shootout prompts border closure

Land and sea access between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea has been closed after a shootout at the border.

This follows reports of an Indonesian troop build-up along the border from communities in PNG’s West Sepik province.

Indonesian-ruled West Papua has been gripped by weeks of protests and violent unrest which has left dozens of people dead.

Amid a security forces crackdown, concern has been raised in neighbouring PNG about another potential influx of West Papuan refugees

PNG’s Immigration and Citizenship Authority has advised that following a shootout the border is closed to nationals from both sides until further notice.

It said shopping at the Batas market, close to the border on the Indonesian side, as well as movement into the West Papuan capital Jayapura was “completely banned”.

Earlier this week, PNG’s EMTV reported villagers at Wutung on the PNG side of the border as saying school children were ordered to return home.

Usually, most land and sea cross-border movement occurs around Papua New Guinea’s north coast.

Source: RNZ

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