Call for Jihadis to go to West Papua following unrest

Johnny Blades, RNZ Pacific

Indonesia's Front Jihad Islam looks to recruit jihadis to take up arms in West Papua Photo: Supplied
Indonesia’s Front Jihad Islam looks to recruit jihadis to take up arms in West Papua Photo: Supplied

Jihadis are being encouraged to go and fight in West Papua by Indonesian Muslim hardliners.

Front Jihad Islam, or FJI, issued a call to arms in the Indonesia-ruled Papuan provinces after non-Papuan settlers were among the victims of recent violence there.

Unrest has surged in Papua region since August, including a day of rioting and violence in the Highlands city of Wamena two weeks ago when about 30 people were killed.

The unrest came off the back of widespread public demonstrations by West Papuans protesting against racism and calling for a referendum on independence from Indonesia.

According to Indonesia’s government, more than 11,500 people have been evacuated from Wamena since then due to safety fears. That many of these people are settlers from other parts of Indonesia has caused concern and prompted action back in Java.

FJI has been busy spreading its message online, replete with videoed torching of the Papuan Morning Star Flag and banners calling for Jihadis to be recruited for fighting in Papua against Papuans.

That’s a concern to Saiful Islam Payage, the head of Papua’s chapter of the Ulema Council, Indonesia’s top Muslim clerical body.

“I am very worried. So, I strongly forbid the Laskar who are in the name of religion for war or jihad in Papua,” he said.

He said that for now, there were only demonstrations in Java, and that no mobilisation of jihadis had yet occurred in the Papuan provinces. But he warned that if hardliners sought to bring their brand of divisiveness to Papua, he would have them expelled.

Indonesia's Front Jihad Islam looks to recruit jihadis to take up arms in Papua Photo: Supplied
Indonesia’s Front Jihad Islam looks to recruit jihadis to take up arms in Papua Photo: Supplied

Indonesian human rights researcher Andreas Harsono said that following recent violence in Wamena, a number of Islamic groups mobilised in Javanese cities.

Those organisations had been making two types of public calls – one, from a Muslim NGO network, was urging people to donate to humanitarian assistance for victims of the unrest in Wamena and other parts of Papua.

The other, from the likes of the FJI and the Islamic Defenders Front, was a call to recruit jihadis to go to Papua and protect fellow Muslims.

According to Mr Harsono, his concern stems from the way that most Indonesians have limited knowledge of the situation in Papua and the context of widespread human rights abuses there.

“Most victims are indigenous Papuans. Many Indonesians do not know the problems there,” he said.

“But because of emotions, because of sentiment, Muslim sentiment, they might think that fellow Muslims are being victimised in Papua. Thus, they will provide the ingredients to support these kind of misleading calls.”

While noting his concern, the researcher also said that he didn’t deem the threat as major currently because as yet no cleric of significant influence had called for jihadis in Papua.

Furthermore, Mr Harsono said that Indonesian military and police personnel were on hand to provide security in Wamena and other towns in a region where the population was predominantly Christian.

While Papua has generally enjoyed harmonious inter-religious relations, Mr Harsono said groups aggressively promoting sharia law already had a foothold in the region.

“We have one in Sorong; we are also seeing Laskar Jihad, a militant Muslim group, setting up a base in Keerom; also in Wamena – not militant, but quite aggressive.

“So these kinds of organisations are starting to appear in many parts of both Papua and West Papua provinces over the last decade.”

The presence of hardline Islamic campaigners in Keerom regency, which sits right on the border with Papua New Guinea, is not the only security concern along the 141st meridian east.

Land and sea access points between the two countries were closed last weekafter two people died in a shootout near the border on the Indonesian side where there’s been a troop build-up.

The governor of PNG’s West Sepik province, Tony Wouwou, said fellow Melanesians on the other side looked to flee across the border to safety in PNG.

But he said having Indonesian military in pursuit of them brought risk for his people.

“I’m a bit scared. I’m worried if my people go across and you never know what could happen. They might get bullet wounds or something because the Indonesians might think we’re Wamenas [people from Wamena] and all this, and receive a wound, and maybe our people will retaliate or something. I don’t want that to happen.”

He said the border entry point to Indonesia should remain closed until security threats abate.

Source: RNZ

Thousands of West Papuan students return home over safety fears

Over 2000 West Papuan university students have returned home from Indonesian cities since last month over safety fears.

Protesters march in Jayapura. Photo: Whens Tebay

Racist harassment of Papuan students in university dormitories in Javanese cities last month sparked weeks of widespread protests and unrest in Papua.

While Indonesian police have started investigations into the harassment, many students claim they continue to face threats and feel unsafe.

As of Monday, 2047 students had been recorded by Papua’s provincial government as having left their studies to return to their home region since August.

The majority of the students are from Highlands regencies in Papua.

Last month, in response to the harassment, Papua’s Governor Lukas Enembe offered support to students who wished to return home from Java.

Source: RNZ

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ULMWP – WPA Turut Berduka atas Kepulangan Alm. John Talu Tekwie

The Late John Talu Tekwie
The Late John Talu Tekwie

Kepala Biro Pertahanan dan Keamanan United Liberation Movement for West Papua ( ULMWP ),, bersama Keluarga Besar West Papua Army ( WPA ), Menyampaikan Turut Berduka Cita yang Mendalam atas Kepergian Tuan John Talu Tekwie kehadirat Allah Moyang Papua yang Abadi..

Kami merasah kehilangan seorang Sosok Pemimpin dan Patriot Bangsa Melanesia yang Vokal dan Berkomitmen untuk Masalah Kemanusiaan dan Penjajahan di Tanah Papua Barat…

Engkau pergi di saat Pemerintah Papua New Guinea dengan menyatakan dukungannya atas Hak Menentukan Nasib Sendiri bagi Saudara West Papua, dalam Rekomendasi Pertemuan Pasifik Islands Forum, ( PIF ), di Fiji.

Selamat Jalan Patriot Bangsa,, Jasa dan Komitmenmu akan terpatri dalam Sanubari kami selaku Penerus Perjuangan Kemerdekaan Bangsa Papua dan Melanesia di Pasifik.

Kami percaya Keluarga yang ditinggalkan pasti mendapat penghiburan dari Allah Moyang Papua yang Abadi…

Maxi Tabuni.

Sebby Sambon: Jenderal Goliat Tabuni Akan Menginstruksikan TPN-OPM Untuk Menembak Kelompok ULMWP

Vanimo- Gerakan United Liberation for West Papua (ULMWP) mengklaim Tentara Pembebasan Nasional Papua Barat (TPNPB) adalah salah satu dari tiga faksi yang bergabung menjadi Tentara West Papua. Namun, klaim itu dibantah TPNPB dan menganggap ULMWP yang dipimpin Benny Wenda sebagai penipu.

Juru bicara OPM Jeffery Bomanak menolak klaim ULMWP dan mendesak untuk mencabut pernyataannya yang dianggap salah dan curang, TPNPB adalah sayap militer Organisasi Papua Merdeka (OPM).

“(ULMWP) sekarang melakukan penipuan dengan berpura-pura bersatu dengan Tentara Pembebasan Nasional Papua untuk mendapatkan pujian dan popularitas,”ungkap Jefry Bomanak saat dihubungi melalui telepon selulernya.

Berbeda dengan Sebby Sambom, dirinya mengatakan dia maupun TPNPB tidak terlibat dalam Kongres Luar Biasa I yang diselenggarakan oleh West Papua Army (WPA) seperti yang dikemukakan oleh Juru Bicara United Liberation Movement for West Papua, Jacob Rumbiak.

Ini adalah konspirasi terselubung yang di mainkan oleh para eksekutif ULMWP benny wenda, dan mereka yang mengkalim dirinya sebagai TRWP/WPA.

Perjuangan ini bukan milik ULMWP yang dari suku walak-piramid. Berhenti deklarasi Organisasi diatas organisasi untuk mencari popularitas dan kapasitas, terangnya.

Saat ditanya apa tanggapan Goliat Tabuni selaku Jenderal Besar yang memimpin perjuangan Papua Merdeka melalui sayap militer yang sudah mengorbankan nyawa danhidup di hutan, Sebby mengatakan Jenderal Goliat Tabuni sudah mempersiapkan beberapa langkah-langkah yang akan dilakukan, salah satunya sambung Sebby yaitu mengancam ULMWP untuk mencabut pernyataannya, bila tidak Goliat Tabuni akan menginstruksikan kepada seluruh anggota TPNPB untuk mencari anggota ULMWP dan menembaknya.

Lebih lanjut kata Sebby Sambom, TPNPB maupun OPM tidak ada kaitannya sama sekali dengan WPA sehingga dengan tegas Tentara Pembebabasan Nasional TPN-OPM bukan bagian dari ULMWP.

“ULMWP harus berhenti menggunakan nama OPM untuk mendapatkan legitimasi politik di tingkat internasional kalau tidak maka akan berhadapan langsung dengan TPNPB”, tegas Sebby Sambom.


Hello world! This is West Papua Army (WPA)

Welcome to the website of West Papua Army (WPA), a united Military Command Structure under the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (henceforth ULMWP) as the political wing and the Republic of West Papua Government-In-Waiting or the Transitional Government of the Republic of West Papua.

The establishment of the West Papua Army (WPA) was officially declared on May 1st, 2019, and therefore, it is called “The May 1st Declaration 2019”.

This May 1st Declaration follows the Saralana Declaration December 7th, 2017 at the Chief Nakamal of Vanuatu Council of Chiefs, the Republic of Vanuatu.

Richard Joweni, Ketua Dewan Militer TPN/PB Meninggal Dunia

Jayapura, Jubi – Brigadir Jenderal Richard Uria Joweni, Ketua WPNCL dan Ketua Dewan Militer Tentara Pembebasan Nasional Papua Barat (TPN/PB) tutup usia pada tanggal 16 Oktober 2015, pukul 23.00 di Port Numbay, Papua Barat.

Almarhum menderita komplikasi saluran pencernaan, dan telah menjalani perawatan intensif selama satu tahun terakhir. Selama 73 tahun hidupnya, almarhum telah mengabdikan diri demi memperjuangkan pembebasan negeri dan bangsa Papua Barat.

Selama masa hidupnya, almarhum memimpin TPN/PB setelah pernah ditunjuk oleh Seth J. Rumkorem sebagai menteri penerangan dalam kabinet revolusi Papua Barat yang dibentuk Rumkorem. Pada 1 Juli 1982 Richard Joweni ditunjuk untuk kedua kalinya sebagai Menteri Pertahanan dan Urusan Pembebasan Nasional oleh Seth J Rumkorem. Sejak itulah ia menjadi pejabat paling tinggi dalam struktur TPN/PB.

Pada tahun 2013, Richard Joweni sempat bertemu dengan Perdana Menteri Vanuatu yang saat itu dijabat Moana Karkas Kalosil untuk menyampaikan terima kasih atas dukungan Vanuatu terhadap bangsa Papua Barat.
“Vanuatu menyampaikan pidato yang sangat kuat untuk dukungan kemerdekaan Papua Barat. Kami sangat berterima kasih. Bukan hanya di PBB, tapi juga di pertemuan negara-negara persemakmuran,” kata Joweni saat itu. (Victor Mambor)

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