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Vision/ Mission


To Defend the Republic of West Papua and the Isle of New Guinea and its National and regional Interests.


To have a strong, professional and effective Defence Force that is responsive to the Government of the Republic of West Papua security policies to free and defend the territory of West Papua from any kinds and forms of colonialism and able to co-operate with other security forces to promote peace, justice, and harmony among all communities of beings.


Defence recognises that in order to maintain the professionalism, teamwork, traditions and customs of the organization, leaders at all levels must enforce values which:

  • Upholds our culture of loyalty to God, the Custom, Country and respect for the democratic institutions of the Republic of West Papua;
  • Promotes military discipline through the enforcement of the Code of Military Conduct and Customs of the Service;
  • Values the welfare of our troops while promoting high ethical standards and principle centered leadership throughout the Defence Organisation;
  • Promotes teamwork, equality, unity and sense of belonging across the Defence organisation without fear or favour;
  • Respects Papuan’s cultural heritage and values while promoting the development of a clever Force that can execute its business in a diligent, accountable and professional manner; and
  • Develops, promotes and provides quality management systems that deliver budgeted financial performance across current and future Defence capabilities.

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