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In Fact Indonesian Military Pilots Fly Civilian Airline in West Papua

Kapten Pilot Pesawat Rimbun Air yang jatuh di Intan Jaya Papua pada 15 Sept 2021, Haji Mirza adalah anggota TNI aktif bernama Agithia Mirza. Hal ini terbukti dari KTP milik Korban. Pesawat sipil, dipiloti seorang anggota Militer Aktif. Itulah Papua.

Captain Pilot of Rimbun Air that fell down in Intan Jaya West Papua on 15 September 2021, Haji Mizra is a TNI Member named Agithia Mirza. This is proven with his Identity Card found by locals in the area.

Former TNI Commander: Don’t brand West Papuan resistance OPM ‘terrorist’, say ex-general, critics

General Gatot Nurmantyo, a former commander in the Indonesian National Armed Forces, giving his television interview – in Bahasa Indonesian. Video: TV-One Indonesia

Asia Pacific Report correspondent

A former Indonesian military commander has condemned the formal labelling of the West Papuan resistance TPN/OPN as “terrorists”, saying that the Papuan problem was complex and could not be solved by armed force alone.

Among other critics of the tagging are the Papua provincial Governor, Lukas Enembe and a Papuan legal researcher.

General Gatot Nurmantyo, former commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI), said during a live interview on TV-One Indonesia that it was wrong to label the TPN/OPM (National Liberation Army/Free Papua Movement) as a terrorist group.

He said that Jakarta had tried to use a military solution since the former Dutch colony of Irian Jaya was “integrated” into Indonesia in 1969 without bringing about any change.

“Papua cannot be solved by military operations,” he said.

General Nurmantyo said military operations would not solve the root cause of the conflict in Papua.

He regretted the decision made by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s administration on May 5.

“I am saddened to hear that troops are leaving for Papua to fight. It’s a picture that I think makes me sad,” said the general.

Sad for two reasons

He said he felt sad for two reasons:

First, Papua was one of the Indonesian provinces and the youngest province of the Unitary State of the Republic.
Second, based on Government Regulation in Lieu of Acts (PERPU) 59 of 1959, Papua was still under civilian rule. So, the military actions should be mainly territorial, which supported by intelligence and prepared combat operations.
The retired general said that Papuans “are our own people”, so the burden could not be imposed only on the military and police. Executive government and other government agencies should comprehend the real background of the movements and be involved to resolve the prolonged problem in Papua.

“Territorial operations are operations to win the hearts and minds of the people, because what we face is our own people. Do not expect to solve a condition in Papua only with military operations,” said General Nurmantyo.

“I remind you, it will not work, no matter how great it will be. Because the problem is not just that small,” he said.

General Nurmantyo, who has been a former military district commander in Jayapura and Merauke said that Indonesia already had experience in Aceh where the conflict had not been resolved by military operations.

As the PERPU 59 of 1959 was still valid, the governor was the single highest authority. The military was not allowed to carry out operations without coordinating with the local government.

Communication with government

General Nurmantyo said communication with the local government was carried out and measured operations launched.

“Lest the people become victims! How come, in a situation like this we are waging an open war? Seriously!

“Meanwhile, the situation is still very civil. The leader is the governor or local government.

“This is a state regulation. This is different from when Papua would be designated as a military operation,” said General Nurmantyo.

According to a media release received by Asia Pacific Report. Papua Governor Lukas Enembe and the provincial government also objected to the terrorist label given to the KKB (“armed criminal group”), as the Indonesian state refers to the TPNPB (West Papua National Liberation Army).

Key points
Two of the seven points made in the media release said:

“Terrorism is a concept that has always been debated in legal and political spheres, thus the designation of the KKB as a terrorist group needs to be reviewed carefully and ensure the objectivity of the state in granting this status, and
“The Papua provincial government pleaded with the central government and the Indonesian Parliament to conduct a re-assessment of the observation of the labeling of KKB as terrorist. We are of the opinion that the assessment must be comprehensive by taking into account the social, economic and legal impacts on Papuans in general.”
A West Papuan legal researcher, who declined to be named, said that the Indonesian government misused the term “terrorism” to undermine the basic human rights of indigenous West Papuans.

So far, the term terrorism had no precise definition and so has no legal definition, said the researcher.

Many of the United Nations member states did not support UN resolution 3034 (XXVII) because it contained a certain degree of disconnection to other international instruments, particularly human rights laws.

Disagreements among the states remained regarding the use of terrorism, especially the exclusion of different categories of terrorism.

Right to self-determination

In particular the exception of the liberation movement groups. Particularly contentious which was the affirmation in 1972 of “the inalienable right to self-determination and independence of all peoples under colonial and racist regimes and other forms of alien domination”.

“The legitimacy of their struggle, in particular, the struggle of national liberation movements by the principles and purposes is represented in the UN charter. Therefore, designating West Papua Liberation Army as a terrorist group by the Indonesian government considered outside the category of the terrorist act,” said the researcher.

“Any definition of terrorism must also, accommodate reasonable claims to political implications, particularly against repressive regimes such as Indonesia towards West Papuans.

“The act of self-determination by Papuans cannot be considered terrorism at all.”

The international community should condemn any regime that is repressive and terrorist acts by colonial, racist and alien regimes in denying peoples their legitimate right to self-determination, independence, and other human rights.

A coherent legal definition of terrorism might help “confine the unilateral misuse” of the term by the national government such as Indonesia against TPNPB/OPM, said the researcher.

The other side of the story was war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, oppression, torture and intimidation by the state.

These elements were present in West Papua and they qualified as the act of terrorists and were therefore universally recognised as crimes against humanity and criminals, the researcher said.

The researcher added: “The West Papua army or TPN/OPM are not terrorist groups. They are the victims of terrorism”

This report and the translations have been compiled by an Asia Pacific Report correspondent.


General WPRA Amunggut Tabi: Lukas Enembe Diracuni Mercury, WPA Menyatakan Perang

Dari Markas Pusat Pertahanan (MPP) Tentara Revolusioner West Papua (TRWP) sebagai salah satu Komando Pendiri West Papua Army (WPA) di bawah payung Pemerintahan Sementara West Papua, General WPRA Amunggut Tabi


karena NKRI telah membunuh secara perlahan teman sesukunya, teman sejemaatnya, teman segenarasinya, teman se-angkatannya di sekolah SMP, SMA dan Perguruan Tinggi:

Lukas Enembe S.I.P, M.H.

dengan racun bernama


Dari laporan West Papua Intelligence Services (WPIS), Lukas Enembe diberikan racun ini dalam makanan dan minumannya berulang-kali, untuk menghabisi nyawanya.

Kata Tabi,

Dari wajahnya telah terpapar dengan jelas, Gubernur Lukas Enembe meminta kepada seluruh bangsa Papua untuk BANGKIT dan bertindak, karena telah terjadi peracunan seorang tokoh West Papua, gubernur Provinsi Papua yang selama ini berteriak keras dan lantang memperjaungkan hak bangsa Papua untuk menjadi tuan di atas tanah leluhurnya.

Dengan pernyataan “lari dengan ojek ke Vanimo karena tidak ada orang memperhatikan kesehatan saya” oleh Lukas enembe menunjukkan bahwa semua orang, semua pengawal, semua pegawai di kalangan Provinsi Papua menginginkan beliau mati.

Akan tetapi West Papua Army mengininkan beliau tetap hidup, dan oleh karena itu WPA akan mengambil langkah-langkah untuk menyelamatkan nyawa tokoh bangsa Papua belenggu NKRI.

Gen. Tabi melanjutnya,

Dari cara menjawab pertanyaan wartawan sangat jelas bagi semua orang, Gubernur Enembe terintimidasi dan terancam nyawanya.

Tergambar jelas, bahwa para wartawan yang bertanya kepadanya-pun bernada meneror dan merendahkan martabat seorang gubernur, simbol kekuasaan NKRI di Tanah Papua.

Melihat ini bangsa Papua harus bangkit, mempersiapkan diri untuk peperanangan secara massal, secara terbuka dan secara langsung.

Jangan takut! Kita diam, lama-lama mati juga! Kita berteriak, lama-lama dibunuh juga! Kita bersikap sopan, lama-lama diunuh juga! Kita menjadi polisi, lama-lama dibunuh juga! Kita menjadi Jenderal TNI-pun, lama-lama dibunuh juga! Apalagi kita menjadi Gubernur dan membela hak rakyat, berbicara lantang! Kita pasti dibunuh juga.

Jadi, karena kita manusia berakal budhi dan punya naluri manusiawi, kita sudah harus bersiap-siap untuk perang itu. Dan saat perang itu jadi, Tanah Papua tidak akan kelihatan Biru seperti birunya Partai Demokrat milik Lukas Enembe, tetapi ia akan menjadi Tanah Merah Papua, seperti merahnya darah Lukas Enembe.

General Tabi mengakhiri pernyataannya dengan mengatakan,

Indonesia sedang mengukur dalamnya air keterikatan dan dampak kematian Lukas Enembe terhadap Tanah Papua. Mereka pikir bahwa Jenderal TNI Herman Asaribab bisa dibunuh dan itu tidak menimbulkan gejolak. Jaap Salossa bisa diracuni dan itu tidak menyebabkan masalah. Jadi dengan meracuni Lukas Enembe juga tidak akan ada masalah. Tetapi mereka hendak mengukur goncangan racun itu di tanah Papua. Dan oleh karena itu saya nyatakan atas nama Moyang Bangsa Papua, atas nama segenap komunitas makhluk, atas nama tulang-belulang, dan atas nama anak-cucu yang akan datang, bahwa perang besar-besaran, terbuka dan berlarut-larut pasti akan terjadi di Tanah Papua bilamana Lukas Enembe berhasil di-mercuri-mati oleh NKRI.

The TPNPB OPM News: Pesawat Tanpa Awak Penjajah NKRI Mengintai Pasukan TPNPB-OPM

Hari ini Laporan situasi Darurat Militer dari markas Alguru Ndugama Papua oleh pimpinan Militer TPNPB-OPM kodap III ndugama Brigjen Egianus Kogeya kepada Awak Media The TPNPB-OPM News bahwa hari ini Tanggal 15 Maret 2021 telah terjadi Pengintaian besar besaran oleh pesawat Tanpa Awak berbentuk Herkules dari markas Alguru Ndugama Papua selama 10 kali Berputar di Ketinggian areal.udara di Markas Komando Daerah Pertahanan Kodap III DARAKMA NDUGAMA di Alguru

Hal ini di saksikan oleh Panglima kodap III DARAKMA NDUGAMA dan seluruh Pasukan TPNPB-OPM.

Menurut Panglima Egianus Kogeya kami sudah tau pasukan TNI-Polri yang sedang bergerak menuju ke markas dengan jalan kaki maupun Pantauan udara menggunakan Pesawat Pengintai berbentuk Herkules atau Pesawat Pemburu

Menurut Panglima kodap III ndugama kami punya Pengalaman beberapa hari lalu Sebelum pasukan TNI-Polri masuk ke kampung Min dan Abeak pesawat tersebut perna berputar di areal yang saat ini juga sama jika Kami sudah arakan Pasukan TPNPB-OPM Kodap III untuk antisipasi Pasih dari serangan udara maupun serangan darat.

Maka kami mohon bantuan informasi positif dari Masyarakat Nduga maupun suku lain.

Menurut Panglima Egianus Kogeya apapun Kekuatan militer Pasukan Indonesia terlalu banyak namum bagi kami itu makanan sisa yang datang tutur Egianus Kogeya.
Demikian laporan dari markas Alguru Ndugama Papua.
Panglima kodap III DARAKMA Ndugama

Brigjen Egianus Kogeya

Panglima kodap III ndugama.

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