West Papua unrest: Shootout prompts border closure

Land and sea access between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea has been closed after a shootout at the border.

This follows reports of an Indonesian troop build-up along the border from communities in PNG’s West Sepik province.

Indonesian-ruled West Papua has been gripped by weeks of protests and violent unrest which has left dozens of people dead.

Amid a security forces crackdown, concern has been raised in neighbouring PNG about another potential influx of West Papuan refugees

PNG’s Immigration and Citizenship Authority has advised that following a shootout the border is closed to nationals from both sides until further notice.

It said shopping at the Batas market, close to the border on the Indonesian side, as well as movement into the West Papuan capital Jayapura was “completely banned”.

Earlier this week, PNG’s EMTV reported villagers at Wutung on the PNG side of the border as saying school children were ordered to return home.

Usually, most land and sea cross-border movement occurs around Papua New Guinea’s north coast.

Source: RNZ

West Papua Army Condemns Racist Statement by Colonial Police in Java, Indonesia

Gen. Amunggut Tabi says such a statement clearly indicates Indonesian people the Nazi of this era. Not many people in the world realize this. The Indonesian government have long practiced apartheid in West Papua and across Indonesia. This is real in the South Pacific, and that Indonesia sees all non-Malays in South Pacific as “non-humans”.

West Papua Army fights in defending the dignity and integrity of all black, white, red, green, and any colours as human beings, with the same and equal rights to be fully recognised and treated as fellow human beings. Therefore, we condemn Indonesian Nazi community and apartheid government in West Papua.

Further info – Email: office@wparmy.info – Mobile: +675-74215300

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West Papua Army (WPA) Congratulates the Achievement of the ULMWP

The West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA), an affiliate command of the West Papua Army (WPA) hereby would like to congratulate the victory that West Papuan peoples have just achieved in the Pacific Island Forum (PIF) this week.

The key members of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), the Chair Benny Wenda, Spokesperson Jacob Rumbiak and Treasurer Paula Makakobry were all present at the meeting.

The issue of West Papuan human rights violations is getting full attention at the South Pacific level, where the PIF has an official voice at the United Nations body.

WPRA Secretary-General, Gen. Amunggut Tabi says,

“This is a victory that all Melanesians should remember. We have won politically at the MSG level, and we are now stepping upward, stepping forward, and stepping at wider levels of our politics and diplomacy.

This is the time for us all to thank God for what the Most High Revolutionary Supreme Commander is doing through His interventions. All Melanesian leaders who do not support this struggle will be kicked out from Melanesian politics. Those who speak for the cause will enjoy their lives in this body and after they die.”

Gen. Tabi closes his statement by saying that there will be more victories to come, and therefore Malenesians in West Papua should be ready to celebrate and thankful to God.

Issued at: Central HQs of the WPRA

On date: August 16, 2019

WPRA Secretariat-General,


Amunggut Tabi, Gen. WPRA
BRN: A.DF 018676

General WPRA Mathias Wenda Congratulates Hon. Benny Wenda and Thanks the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain

WPRA Secretariat-General

News Release

Embargoed for Release until Wednesday, July 17th, 2019, at 5 p.m., PGT (GMT+10)

General WPRA Mathias Wenda Congratulates Hon. Benny Wenda and Thanks the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain

Chief General Mathias Wenda, the Commander of the West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) as the father of Mr. Benny Wenda and as one of the elders of Lani Koteka Tribes General Wenda expresses thanks and deep appreciation to the Mayor of Oxford City and the Councillors of the Oxford City as well as Her Majesty’s Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

As the Secretary-General Koteka Tribal Assembly or Dewan Musyawarah Masyarakat Adat Koteka – DeMMAK) and the Chair of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), Honourable Benny Wenda has been awarded “The Freedom of Oxford” symbolizing the recognition from the one of the oldest city councillors in the world that the cause of a free and independent West Papua is democratically justified, according to the universal human rights principles and should be supported by world powers.

Hon. Benny Wenda has been promoting human rights and self-determination of the West Papuan peoples though an international Supervised Vote in West Papua, supported by Parliamentarians in England, Europe, Melanesian countries and African-Caribbean countries.

Hon. Benny Wenda is envisioning a free and independent Republic West Papua applying what his previous Freedom of Oxford City Award Winner, the Late Nelson Mandela’s Tribal Model of Democracy where the principal leaders are guiding the people from behind the crowd, not leading in front.

Issued in:             Central Headquarters of West Papua Revolutionary Army
On Date:              July 17th, 2019, at 4 p.m. UTC+10


Gen. Amunggut Tabi
BRN: A.DF 018676
“httd� ĘS�

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MPP West Papua Army: Terimakasih dan Selamat



Pujilah.Nama Allah, Moyang Bangsa Papua, Bangs Melanesia atas dianugrahi Penghargaan Noble Freedom of Oxford kepada Tn. Benny Wenda selaku Pemimpin Bangsa Papua.

Kami ucapkan banyak Terima Kasih kepada
Pemerintah Kerajaan United Kingdom atas kepercayaan yang diberikan kepada Bangsa Papua melalui Penyerahan ” Noble FREEDOM OF OXFORD” Kepada pemimpin Bangsa Papua, TN. Benny Wenda.

Doa dan Harapan kami, Berdasarkan Pemberian Penghargaan ini langkah-langkah kemajuan political akan meningkat di negara-negara bagian di kepulauan Pacific.

Doa, darah Dan air mata kami selalu menyertaimu, Amin.

Hormat Kami,
Markas Besar WPA, Wutung, Border 18/7/2019
Salam Satu Komando.
W P A.

Taripura YikwaInak.10

ULMWP Port Moresby and WPRRA Congratulates
ULMWP Port Moresby and WPRRA Congratulates

Warning to the Indonesian Military and the Indonesian Government by Egianus Kogeya.

Warning to the Indonesian Military and the Indonesian Government by the Ndugama Defense Region Commander of TPNPB-OPM Bridgen Egianus Kogeya.

KOMNAS TPNPB-OPM Press Release on July 13th, 2019.

On Friday July 12th, 2019, the management of KOMNAS TPNPB-OPM Headquarters has received a report from the KODAP III Commander of TPNPBNdugama, Papua through Courier.

In his report, the TPNPB-OPM KODAP III Commander Bridgen Egianus Kogeya demands to responsibility for the TNI and the Indonesian Government for the kidnapping of a one-year and eight months-old child, which had been kidnapped by the TNI after his mother was shot dead on Monday July 8th, 2019.

Please follow the Ndugama Region Commander of TPNPB-OPM statement 

We TPNPB-OPM affirm to the TNI and the Government of Indonesia that the TNI shot dead Ms. Kenmalak Gwijangge on Monday July 8th, 2019 and her 1-year and Eight months-old child kidnapped by TNI forces.Therefore the families of the victims and Ndugama defense Region Commander of TNPB-OPM urged to the Governor of the Papua Province and the Central Government of Indonesia in Jakarta with the TNI to immediately return the children who were One Year Eight Months old.

If it’s not the opposite, then I Egianus Kogeya will reply. In this right, the TNI shot dead one mother and one child. But I am Egianus Kogeya and the TPNPB-OPM Forces will reply, With the Goals of the Indonesian people who are straight haired in the land of Papua, especially Ndugama heading to Wamena, I will shoot everyone.

Please forward this statement, Ndugama Defense Region Commander of TPNPB-OPM Bridgen Egianus Kogeya massage. This message was sent through courier of TPNPB-OPM to the Management of the West Papua National Libertion Headquarters. 

Clarification of the age of children who have been kidnapped by the TNI:
The age of the child kidnapped by the TNI on Monday July 8th, 2019 is One Year Eight Months. In our first report we wrote that the age of children kidnapped by the TNI was eight months, but after we collected additional 
information reported that the child who had been kidnapped by the TNI was one 
year Eight Months.


This report needs to conduct an investigation by a team of human rights workers with independence or by the United Nations, because the TNI closes access for humanitarian workers. The Indonesian military also did not provide space for independence human rights workers to Ndugama, in areas of war conflict between the Indonesian 
Military and the TPNPB-OPM.

And complete information may contact Theo Hesegem in Wamena, Papua.

Forward to all Journalists and Human Rights Working Groups around the World by Spokesman of TPNPB-OPM Mr. Sebby Sambom.

Please see the photo of Mrs. Kenmalak Gwijangge with her child below:

For full report also see attached copies of statement.

Jackson Uble King Morning Devotional For All Loyal Freedom Fighters of West Papua Nation

July 6th, 2019, Source Facebook.com

All respected Free Papua Fighters around the world, and National greetings namely One People One Soul.

Hi loyalist freedom fighters, we need to know that we work half-dead with Faithful in the struggle of the Papuan nation for independence and sovereignty, and the TPNPB-OPM in war field the battle for life and opponents of the Indonesian Colonial military is at this moment.

But their ambitious and name-seeking groups are too arrogant, so we reject the results of the TRWP-ULMWP Extraordinary Congress (KLB).

Remember that the West Papua Army was formed by the West Papua Revolutionary Army (TRWP) under the control of Matias Wenda and Sem Karoba, who were ambitious and selfish.

And the English language is West Papua Revolution Army (WPRA), so west Papua Army is TRWP, just change the word Revolution and everyone is trapped by this TRWP setting up done.

Why? Because TRWP is not recognized and has no mass base in West Papua so they try the name to be recognized.

And all fighters do not realize that they have been trapped into the TRWP settings up, because TRWP is too much of a People’s deception with high promises and the truth is empty promises.

More people who have become victims due to fraud by the TRWP are the Walak tribe, part of the Yali tribe, and part of the Lani Tribe, and part of the Gem Tribe.

Property such as pigs runs out in the area, and the canines of Pigs are neatly arranged in the male houses in the area We mentioned above.

To this day, there are waiting figs for the realization of TRWP’s promise. Mr. Serogo Tabuni, who lives in Britain, is more aware of this.

Mr. Agustinus Aud and fellow Freedom fighters from the area I mentioned above know more about this, We are also witnesses who have witnessed this fraud.
And this fraud has been going on for decades, not weeks or months. And this is the work of the devil impersonating Free Papua.

And this selfishness and ambition has been proven by forming a new military by TRWP with the name West Papua Army, very clear and bright from the eyes of freedom fighters.

Therefore, starting from this event, all of us West Papuans Freddom fighters must be aware and slaughter to see then take a firm stance in order to save the Papuan Nation’s Agenda for Full Freedom.

We are faithful walkers, and this is evident from our loyalty in this struggle.

And there is no words of compromise with groups that deliberately want to destroy the agenda of our nation of West Papua for full independence.
Thus, I hope this short article will open our horizons and we are ready to continue to work towards the aspirations of our Nation, namely the Papuan Nation in the Western Part of Papua.

By Sebby Sambom
Indonesian Malay as follow…..!!!
Renungan Pagi Untuk Semua Pejuang Loyal Bangsa Papua Barat
Tanggal 6 Juli 2019

Semua Pejuang Papua Merdeka yang terhormat di seluruh dunia, dan salam Nasional yaitu One People One Soul.

Wahai para Pejuang loyalis, perlu ketahui bahwa kami kerja setengah mati dengan Setia dalam perjuangan bangsa Papua untuk merdeka dan berdaulat, dan TPNPB-OPM di Medan Perang pertaruhan Nyawa dan lawan Militer Kolonial Indonesia sempai detik ini.

Tapi kelompok cari nama dan ambisius mereka terlalu sombong, oleh karena itu kami menolak hasil KLB TRWP/ULMWP.

Ingat bahwa West Papua Army itu bentukan Tentara Revolusi West Papua (TRWP) dibawah Kendali Matias Wenda dan Sem Karoba, yang ambisius dan Egois.

Dan Bahasa Inggrisnya West Papua Revolution Army (WPRA), jadi west Papua Army itu TRWP itu sudah, hanya ganti kata Rvolution saja dan semua orang terjebak dengan setingan TRWP ini.

Mengapa? Karena TRWP tidak diakui dan tidak punya massa basis di West Papua sehingga mereka roba nama supaya dapat diakui.

Dan semua pejuang tidak sadar kalau mereka sudah terjebak kedalam setingan TRWP, karena TRWP terlalu banyak tipu Rakyat dengan janji-Hanji yang muluk dan yang sebenarnya adalah janji hampa.

Lebih banyak yang telah menjadi korban akibat tindak penipuan oleh TRWP adalah Suku Walak, Suku Yali sebagian, dan Suku Lani sebagian, dan Suku Gem sebagian.

Harta benda seperti babi habis di wilayah itu, dan taring Babi tersusun rapi di honai-honai laki-laki di wilayah yang Kami sebutkan di Atas ini.

Sampai hari ini taring babi-bai ini ada tunggu realisasi janji TRWP. Tuan SerogoTabuni yang tinggal di Britain itu lebih ketahui juga hal ini.

Tuan Agustinus Aud dan kawan-kawan pejuang dari wilayah yang saya sebutkan di atas lebih ketahuinya akan hal ini, Kami juga saksi yang pernah menyaksikan penipuan ini.

Dan penipuan ini telah berjalan puluhan tahun, bukan minggu atau bulan. Dan ini adalah pekerjaan iblis berkedok Papua Merdeka.

Dan keegoisan serta ambisiusme ini telah terbukti dengan membentuk militer baru oleh TRWP dengan nama West Papua Army, sangat jelas dan terang dari kaca mata pejuang.

Oleh karena itu, mulai dari peristiwa ini Kita semua pejuang harus sadar dan jelih melihat kemudian mengambil sikap yang tegas demi selamatkan Agenda Bangsa Papua Untuk Merdeka Penuh.

Kita adalah pejung yang setia, dan hal ini terbukti dari kesetiaan Kami dalam perjuangan ini.

Dan tidak ada kata kompromi dengan kelompok-kelompok yang sengaja mau hancurkan agenda bangsa Kita West Papua untuk merdeka Penuh.

Demikian, semoga tulisan singkat ini membuka wawasan Kita dan Kita siap untuk berjuang terus sempai menuju cita-cita Bangsa Kita yaitu Bangsa Papua di bagian Barat Pulau Papua.
By Sebby Sambom

‘State-in-waiting’: Papua’s rebels unite against Indonesia rule

Independence groups say they are ready to ‘take over our country’ amid rumbling conflict in far east of the archipelago.

by Febriana Firdaus & Kate Mayberry

Jakarta, Indonesia – The three main armed separatist groups in West Papua have joined forces to step up their push for independence as clashes between the rebels and the Indonesian military has forced thousands of civilians from their homes.

The groups announced this week that they will fight together under the title West Papua Army to be coordinated by the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) – an umbrella group for separatists.

The armed groups – the West Papua Revolutionary Army (TRWP, short for the Tentara Revolusi West Papua), West Papuan National Army (TNPB, short for the Tentara Nasional Papua Barat) and the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPN.PB, short for the Tentara Pembebasan Nasional Papua Barat) signed the ‘Vanimo Border Declaration’ on May 1.

Benny Wenda, who lives in exile in the United Kingdom after fleeing Indonesia and is the chairman of the ULMWP, said the alliance was capable of leading an independent country.

“The ULMWP is ready to form an independent West Papua,” Wenda said in a statement this week. “Politically and militarily we are united now. The international community can now see without a doubt that we are ready to take over our country.

“Indonesia cannot stigmatise us as separatists or criminals any more, we are a legitimate unified military and political state-in-waiting.”

Amnesty: Indonesian forces behind unlawful killings in Papua (2:35)

West Papua was a colony of the Dutch until the early 1960s when Indonesia took control, cementing its rule with a controversial referendum that followed.

A low-level armed rebellion by indigenous Papuans, who now make up about half the population after years of migration by people from other parts of Indonesia, has been rumbling ever since.

“The military should take this seriously because they tend to underestimate the [rebels],” said Vidhyandika Djati Perkasa, the head of the department of politics and social change at the think-tank Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Jakarta.

“For sure, we know there is fragmentation, but Benny Wenda has strong support.” 

Allegations of abuse

The government in Jakarta maintains that West Papua, which occupies the western half of the island of Papua New Guinea, is Indonesian because it was part of the Dutch East Indies which forms the basis of the country’s modern-day borders.

Papua is also rich in natural resources and the site of the world’s largest gold mine and its second-largest copper mine, but its people remain among the country’s poorest.

Violence flared again in December after rebels attacked a road construction project in the central highlands killing at least 17 people, triggering a military crackdown.

Some 35,000 civilians have been forced from their homes as the security forces attempt to flush out the rebels from the forested mountains.

Brigadier General Sisriadi, the spokesman for Indonesia’s military, told Al Jazeera he could not comment on the formation of the armed alliance.

He stressed that the military would continue to work with the police to track down suspected separatists, accusing them of destroying property and attacking civilians.

Sisriadi pointed to a local media report from January that said four separatist groups were surrendering to the army.

“They are Indonesian,” he said. “And we don’t think of them as outsiders.”

CSIS’s Vidhyandika Djati Perkasa said the think-tank’s recent research indicated that there was widespread support for independence among young Papuans and that the government needed to reconsider its strategy in the territory by focussing more on diplomatic than military approaches.

“The paradigm must change,” he said.

Human rights groups have long accused the Indonesian security forces of abuses in Papua.

In a report last July, Amnesty International described the territory as a “black hole” for human rights and said its research had found at least 95 unlawful killings between 2010 and 2018.

Human Rights Watch has documented what it says is the misuse of treason laws against pro-independence supporters in the restive territory.

Papuans risk detention for expressing their views including holding peaceful demonstrations or attending meetings related to West Papua’s political status. Those who fly the Morning Star flag – the symbol of West Papuan independence – could face a prison term of as many as 15 years.

In May, 39-year-old Polish traveller Jakob Skrzypski, was jailed for five years after being found guilty of treason for meeting pro-independence activists when visiting Papua.


West Papua lida Benny Wenda itoktok long nupla West Papua Army

West Papua independens lida na hetman bilong United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), Benny Wenda itokim Radio Australia tede olsem toktok bilong ol independens movemen grups bilong West Papua ikamapim wanpla united West Papua Army.

Em itok dispela em ino bilong yusim violens long pait egensim Indonesia army.

Mr Wenda itok ULMWP istrong yet long yusim diplomatik wei bilong helpim West Papua long kisim independens wantaim sapot bilong ol lidas long Pasifik na world tu.

Em itok ULMWP em imakim ol pipol bilong West Papua na ol narapla lain husat iegensim displa oganaisesen ino bihain tingting bilong olgeta lidas na pipool.

Long displa wik mausman bilong ULMWP, Jacob Rumbiak, itokaut long wanpla media statement olsem olgeta military grup bilong West Papua iwanbel na kam ananit long wanpla komand em ol kolim West Papua Army.

Mr Wenda itok em isapotim displa, tasol em itokaut klia olsem West Papua Army em ino mean olsem ol bai yusim military rot bilong kisim independens.

Tasol Siaman bilong Organisasi Papua Merdeka (OPM) Jeffrey Bomanak itok Mr Wenda na ULMWP ino trutru oganaisesen we ol pipol bilong West Papua ilukave long en.

Em itok ananit long Mama Loa bilong Free Papua muvmen, OPM tasol igat luksave na ino ol narapla grup.

OPM international diplomat, Lewis Prai husat istap long Australia itok tu olsem displa West Papua Army em Mr Wenda na Mr Rumbiak ikamapim long pulim tingting bilong ol lain, na tupla ino bihainim 1 July 1971 Mama Loa na Proclamation bilong Free Papua Movement.

Mr Prai itok em isapotim toktok bilong Mr Bomanak na em ilaikim bai olgeta lidas iken bung wantaim na toktok long stretim displa kain tokpait inoken kamap.

Mr Bomanak itok tu olsem ol OPM paitman isave mekim planti samting egensim ol army bilong Indonesia nau long graun na inogat wanpla samting em ULMWP isave mekim long helpim ol.

Maus man bilong Indonesia military long West Papua, Colonel Muhammad Aidi itok displa toktok bilong ULMWP ikamapim West Papua Army bai nogat strong egensim army bilong Indonesia na em irausim toktok blong Mr Wenda.

Em itok ol OPM isave yusim ol guerrilla stail blong pait na ol inogat ol weapons na pait samting olsem Indonesia igat longen.

Mr Bomanak ibekim olsem sapos Indonesia igat strong, ol ino bin pinisim ol OPM yet. Em itok ol OPM iwok long pait strong yet na bai ol ino inap long lusim inap West Papua ikisim independens long Indonesia.

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/

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