Three Poisons in Free West Papua Campaigns (3a)

General WPRA Amunggut Tabi stated in one of the briefings to his troops at the Central Headquarters of West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) at Yako Village, Papua New Guinea that there are three poisons that have destroyed our campaigns to free West Papua, namely egoism, gossiping, and fear.

We have discussed the two poisons in previous articles. We have looked into how the ego and “Nabok-Kabok”, poison human beings personally and socially.

We have seen that the most poisonous for an individual is the “ego”, and the most poisonous for a society, a group of people is “nabok-kabok”, or gossiping about each other.

It is the ego that produces the second poison and the last poison called “fear”.

“Nagabete” in Lani language or fear is rooted in the same seed, i.e., ego, self-centered image (an-an). Fear is the root of the poison, whereas the previous poison, “nabok-kabok” is the stem of the poison.

Spiritual and Emotional Fear

There are two types of fear. The most known one is “natural fear” or emotional fear, for example fear of pain, fear of darkness, fear of being interrogated, and finally fear of death.

The second one is spiritual fear, that is the source of fear, fear that has no cause, but it comes from inside a person. The seed of this fear is inside the person, it is not from stimuli outside. It is an egocentric fear, fear related to toe ego of the person, “me”, “I”, “an-an”.

Characteristic of a Fearful Person

  • Egocentric person will be fearful in almost everything and towards almost everyone.
  • The self-image of the egocentric person is reflected from others, not from inside herself/ himself as the inside of the ego is already poisoned by individualistic, self-centered view of the self and of this world.
  • Egocentric person does not trust anyone and even does not trust himself/ herself. There is no trust in the self.
  • Egocentric person will be fearful that nobody will listen to him and that almost everyone is against him.

In summary, the egocentric person will make a lot of noise about something or someone. Egocentric person will see everything and everyone, including himself/ herself as a problem and will bark to everything and everyone.

Exactly like a fearful dog, the fearful person will always make noise, will always find something to talk about, we never want to talk peace.

Fear Factor in Free West Papua Campaign

The first fear that took root inside all Melanesians in New Guinea was that Indonesia is brutal military power, the biggest in Asia, therefore, be careful to think, speak or act against the powerful militaristic nation of Indonesia.

This is shared by all Melanesian leaders, the only exception is Melanesian leaders in Vanuatu and some in West Papua.

The fear of being attacked, or killed planted by Indonesian and Australian secret agents took root and we are not doing things enough to heal from this.

The second fear factor across Melanesian leaders is the “fear of breaking the international laws” by supporting Melansians in West Papua who are suffering from gross and systematic human rights violations since 1 January 1962, when Indonesia militarily invaded Western New Guinea.

The third fear factor among Melanesian leaders is not getting financial support from Indonesia, to those personal leaders. Indonesian diplomacy is famous with double “W”, = Wang – Wanita, i.,e, money and women. Look at those diplomats speaking against Melansian top leaders. Indonesia uses young diplomats, most probably ex-prostitutes, to speak against Melanesian leaders. Look at many Melanesian leaders who used to speak very loudly against human rights violations in West Papua and for self-determination, but only a few years later, or even a few months later, their mouths shut, no more hello Wantok, no more good morning Bro, let alone speaking against Indonesia..

[…to be continued …]

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