Three Poisons in Free West Papua Campaigns (1)

General WPRA Amunggut Tabi stated in one of the briefings to his troops at the Central Headquarters of West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) at Yako Village, Papua New Guinea that there are three poisons that have destroyed our campaigns to free West Papua, namely egoism, gossiping, and fear.

The first one is the Poison called “An-An”

In Lani language of West Papua it is called “An-an“, i.e., only me, nobody else. Let us remember two stories in the Bible One is the fall of the Lucifer as the Leader of all Praise and Worship before God. And the second is the fall of human race into sin.

Lucifer is the closest Angel to God of all angels. He said, “An Ala nda’ndak arikit!,” mbaregerak, which means he chose by himself, to become the same as God. He said, “I want to become the same as God!” This is called “an-an” or egocentric statement, egocentric ambition.

A second story of poisoning recorded the Bible can be found in Genesis Chapter 3. In the Garden of Eden, when Lucifer came to the first woman namely Eve and said.

5“For God knows that in the day you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”…

Lucifer implanted the same egocentric disease of “becoming the same as God” from himself to human race. And this poison made Eve fall into sin and she ate the fruit. The story continues, Adam also wanted to become “God” and that was why he also ate the fruit.

This poison of “wanting to become God” is with us all human beings. Psychologically, it is called “ego”. This is why books have been written on how to control, how to address and even how to defeat the self ego before defeating the enemy outside. Ego is seen as the enemy of the self.

Gen. Tabi said egocentric leaders would think the following:

  1. There is nobody else that can do best to free West Papua. Only myself that can free West Papua.
  2. I do not trust anybody else, they are incapable to free West Papua. I am suspicious of those others being paid and used by Indonesia. I only trust myself, therefore, I am the only best person to free West Papua.
  3. This is my effort, my work, my own idea, my concept, my property, therefore, I must be the leader, the commander, the chairman, the president, nobody else to take up this position, because I am the one who brought this struggle to this level of achievements.’
  4. I am the only person in or from West Papua that is capable of doing things I am doing. Nothing will happen like this without me.

With these mindset, they wil say like this in public

  1. I am the Commander in Chief, and I am the only one, nobody else, will free West Papua;
  2. I am the Chair of the ULMWP, and I am the only one, nobody else, will free West Papua; if you replace me, you will not be free from colonialism, so propose whatever arguments to make me be in this position.
  3. We are the only organisation that is capable of freeing West Papua, therefore, any organisation or groups that campaign for West Papua independence must join. Those who do not join us must be wiped out.

Ego is aPosion

Listen, I did not say this is a virus. I did not say this as a disease. But I said, this is a poison. Do you know what poison does?

Here is what Wikipedia, the Free Online Encyclopedia says about poison:

The term “poison” is often used colloquially to describe any harmful substance—particularly corrosive substances, carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens and harmful pollutants, and to exaggerate the dangers of chemicals. …

Similarly, definis poison as follows

Poison, in biochemistry, a substance, natural or synthetic, that causes damage to living tissues and has an injurious or fatal effect on the body, whether it is ingested, inhaled, or absorbed or injected through the skin.

Egocentric is a harmful substance in a collective struggle for collective goal such as Free West Papua Campaign. When everybody within the struggle are strongly attached to the struggle, then it becomes so personal, so egocentric and thus so destructive.

It is a “bio” and “chemistry”, it exists in living being, (bio) and it is chemical.It causes damage to living tissues. Egocentric individuals, egocentric leaders are poisonous. They destroy living tissues in a struggle.

A strong ego is important for self-confidence and strong leadership, but too much egoism is a poison.

Now, look inside you

Look at the military commanders in West Papua, look at the chair of the leaders within Free West Papua Campaign such as

  1. The Leader of the Parliament,
  2. The Leader of the ULMWP Exectutives,
  3. The Leader of the OPM,
  4. The President/ Prime Minister of the NRFPB,
  5. the Chair/ Leaders of the KNPB, and others.

If you are one of those who do not want to follow the constitution of your organisations and want to prolong your leadership term, then you should acknowledge that you are egocentric leader.

Gen. Tabi continues,

If you are one of those who never change your position and always stay there for more than 10 years, then you are a poisonous fighter. And that egocentric leader is a poison in your your own struggle to free your country and people. The one defeating you is inside you, not outside you!.

So first, you attach every success and progress made so far in the history of West Papua independence movement to yourself, to the ego that is inside you.

And second, you, therefore, defend your ego as the “only one” that can finally free West Papua, and therefore, you want to become the chair, the spokesperson, the commander, the top leader for so long, over the your term. You make efforts to serve your egocentric leadership. Remember that by doing this, you become a poison in the overall movement.

  • What should be done with the poison of egocentric leader?
  • What should be done with the poison of egocentric military command?
  • What are the second and third poisons?

[…to be continued….]

OPM = Oras Papua Merdeka, Free Papua Movement, Free Papua Organisation

Explaining Previous Article on OPM

The article is entitled “OPM (Oras Papua Merdeka, Operasi Papua Merdeka, Organisasi Papua Merdeka atau Free Papua Movement?)“, written by a senior OPM personnel. This not was shared on the, but we would hereby like to

Port Vila declaration: Seth J. Roemkorem & Hendrik J. Prai
Port Vila declaration: Seth J. Roemkorem & Jacob H.. Prai

Brief history of Free Papua Movement and OPM

This note ays that OPM was never been set up with Constitution, but only by wording, any organisations campaigning for West Papua independence is called organisation for Free West Papua, or Organisasi Papua Merdeka (henceforth OPM). There is no by-laws or legal product that ever been produced by anyone in the Free Papua Movement explaining about the “OPM”.

It is clearly a “public” wording, to name Wets Papua organisations, given by those who watch or monitor, or want to control or support any organisations campaigning for Wet Papua Independence.We can also say that it is a result of media naming for all organisations campaigning for West Papua independence as Organisations for Papua Merdeka (OPM). Politically speaking one can speculate that the name “OPM” was not created by West Papuans, but it was implanted by either foreigners, invisible hands or interest groups, outside of West Papuan peoples or organisations.

The only organisation that has by-laws (constitution) is the FPM (Free Papua Movement) and the Provisional / Transitional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of West Papua) with the constitution called Provisional Constitution of the Republic of West Papua.

It says clearly in the FPB bylaw that OPM )Organisasi Papua Merdeka) has never been established so far therefore, there is a need to establish FPM, which was formed on July 15, 1977.

In July 1, Constitution of the Provisional Government, there is no mention at all about the name OPM, or any other organisation at all.

Another important point to note is that both Provisional Revolutionary Government of TPN/ Marvic/ Roemkorem is still exist to this date, which according to Port Vila Declaration between Prai and Romekorem was assigned to handle the military campaigns of the Free Papa Movement. Whereas the PEMKA, de-facto party of Jacob Prai was assigned to deal with political matters to free West Papua.

The author’s legal perspective suggests that there is a need to reconcile, legally with political decisions by this generation to both implement the Port Vila Declaration with the history that we have created along our struggle, and at the same time not going back to the past but move forward with the current political breakthroughs and events evolving in this generation in order to not only legally maintain the constitutionalism of our movement but also to catch up with the current development and trends in order to win the battle.

Closing Note

1 Mai 2019, Deklarasi West Papua Army
1 Mai 2019, Deklarasi West Papua Army

On one hand, there is clearly an urgent need for all West Papuan independence fighters and organisations to be consistent and at the same time constitutionally rational in following up the struggle to free West Papua. There is a need to re-visit the history and re-position newly formed organisations within the context of our history.

On the other hand, all parties need to understand what is happening today as phenomenon that needs space and management to open the dialogues and consolidation.

One thing is obvious, we cannot undo all that have happened so far, but another thing is also clear, that we need to embrace all parties without forgetting the history of the struggle and legal aspects of all of our organisations and activities.

We are pro-longing our way into a free and independent West Papua, not the Malay-Indos.

ULMWP dan WPA, OPM dan TPNPB: Siapa Penghianat?

Sekilas Catatan

Tiga faksi besar yang bergerilya di rimbah hutan sudah bersatu (TPN, TRWP, dan TNP) dengan sebutan nama” West Papua Army”.

ULMWP secara resmi diumumkan oleh Jubir Eksekutif ULMWP “Tn. Yakob Rumbiak”, di Port-villa Vanuatu tepatnya di Kantor Pusat ULMWP.

Pesan Tuan Ketua Eksekutif ULMWP (Tn. Beni Wenda), menyampaikan: ” persatuan military hari ini sangat penting utk lobi kita di kancah International, kalau ada yang bergerak di luar dari Komando West Papua Army maka ULMWP tidak akan bertanggung jawab.

Sekilas Historical

Hari bersejarah 1 Juli 1971 adalah:

  1. Nama kabinet yang diproklamasikan dengan sebutan nama “Pemerintahan Sementara Revolusi West Papua”.
  2. Alat tawarnya adalah TPN, sebagai sayap militer.
  3. Sebutan nama TPN-OPM dan TPNPB adalah salah dan keliru besar dalam perjuangan generasi sekarang.
  4. OPM dibentuk pada tahun 1949, dan puncaknya tahun 1965 di Arfaik-Manokwari.
  5. OPM mempunyai sayap militer adalah Pasukan Kasuari dan Pasukan Mambruk.

Tesisnya adalah

Semua sejarahwan telah memberikan mandat kepada ULMWP untuk mengakhiri perjuangan bangsa Papua.

Kalau tidak mengikuti arahan ULMWP, maka sesungguhnya adalah pengkhianat dan musuh rakyat bangsa West Papua.


Catatan Admin

Menurut catatan kami, penghianat bangsa Papua ialah orang asli Papua (OAP)

  1. Yang pernah berjuang untuk Papua Merdeka tetapi kemudian menyerahkan diri kepada NKRI (Negara Kolonial Republik Indonesia)
  2. Yang tidak pernah berjuang untuk Papua Merdeka tetapi mendukung NKRI di Tanah Papua, seperti kelompok Merah-Putih.

Apakah keduanya harus dimusuhi dan dibasmikan?

Jawabannya tidak, sama sekali tidak! Yang harus dimusuhi ialah NKRI dan penduduknya, NKRI dan antek-anteknya yang merugikan bangsa Papua, merampas hak kebangsaan Orang Asli Papua.

State Seal - the Federal Republic of West Papua
State Seal – the Federal Republic of West Papua
State Seal - the Republic of West Papua
State Seal – the Republic of West Papua
1 Mai 2019, Deklarasi West Papua Army
1 Mai 2019, Deklarasi West Papua Army

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