OPM = Oras Papua Merdeka, Free Papua Movement, Free Papua Organisation

Explaining Previous Article on OPM

The article is entitled “OPM (Oras Papua Merdeka, Operasi Papua Merdeka, Organisasi Papua Merdeka atau Free Papua Movement?)“, written by a senior OPM personnel. This not was shared on the facebook.com, but we would hereby like to

Port Vila declaration: Seth J. Roemkorem & Hendrik J. Prai
Port Vila declaration: Seth J. Roemkorem & Jacob H.. Prai

Brief history of Free Papua Movement and OPM

This note ays that OPM was never been set up with Constitution, but only by wording, any organisations campaigning for West Papua independence is called organisation for Free West Papua, or Organisasi Papua Merdeka (henceforth OPM). There is no by-laws or legal product that ever been produced by anyone in the Free Papua Movement explaining about the “OPM”.

It is clearly a “public” wording, to name Wets Papua organisations, given by those who watch or monitor, or want to control or support any organisations campaigning for Wet Papua Independence.We can also say that it is a result of media naming for all organisations campaigning for West Papua independence as Organisations for Papua Merdeka (OPM). Politically speaking one can speculate that the name “OPM” was not created by West Papuans, but it was implanted by either foreigners, invisible hands or interest groups, outside of West Papuan peoples or organisations.

The only organisation that has by-laws (constitution) is the FPM (Free Papua Movement) and the Provisional / Transitional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of West Papua) with the constitution called Provisional Constitution of the Republic of West Papua.

It says clearly in the FPB bylaw that OPM )Organisasi Papua Merdeka) has never been established so far therefore, there is a need to establish FPM, which was formed on July 15, 1977.

In July 1, Constitution of the Provisional Government, there is no mention at all about the name OPM, or any other organisation at all.

Another important point to note is that both Provisional Revolutionary Government of TPN/ Marvic/ Roemkorem is still exist to this date, which according to Port Vila Declaration between Prai and Romekorem was assigned to handle the military campaigns of the Free Papa Movement. Whereas the PEMKA, de-facto party of Jacob Prai was assigned to deal with political matters to free West Papua.

The author’s legal perspective suggests that there is a need to reconcile, legally with political decisions by this generation to both implement the Port Vila Declaration with the history that we have created along our struggle, and at the same time not going back to the past but move forward with the current political breakthroughs and events evolving in this generation in order to not only legally maintain the constitutionalism of our movement but also to catch up with the current development and trends in order to win the battle.

Closing Note

1 Mai 2019, Deklarasi West Papua Army
1 Mai 2019, Deklarasi West Papua Army

On one hand, there is clearly an urgent need for all West Papuan independence fighters and organisations to be consistent and at the same time constitutionally rational in following up the struggle to free West Papua. There is a need to re-visit the history and re-position newly formed organisations within the context of our history.

On the other hand, all parties need to understand what is happening today as phenomenon that needs space and management to open the dialogues and consolidation.

One thing is obvious, we cannot undo all that have happened so far, but another thing is also clear, that we need to embrace all parties without forgetting the history of the struggle and legal aspects of all of our organisations and activities.

We are pro-longing our way into a free and independent West Papua, not the Malay-Indos.

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