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West Papua’s Armed Struggle For Independence – A Historic Shift?

International media poses the inevitable question. The new drama prompts answers to Melanesia’s biggest nightmare.

And, Papua New Guinea may be dragged into the decades – old ‘ low – level insurgency’ fought across the border both overtly, and covertly.

Total warfare seems “imminent” in West Papua. Follow the conversation that escalated in recent months. Here:

Key points:

(1) Shortly after the announcement of the formation of a provisional and clandestine government in West Papua, Indonesia intensified its military operations in western New Guinea—in the darkness of prolonged internet blackouts.

(2) At the same time, volunteers from neighboring Papua New Guinea join West Papua’s armed struggle for independence in a historic announcement.

(3) Papua New Guinea is politically neutral in the conflict—but the volunteers’ announcement forces the central government in Port Moresby to confront Indonesia and its own stance on the West Papua issue.

The international media reported on the latest developments.

Total warfare “imminent” in West Papua – PNG dragged into the conflict…/total-warfare-imminent-in…/

By Klas Lundström

On 6 May, a battalion consisting of volunteers from Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea, announced they will join the armed struggle for an independent West Papua.

It’s the first time Papuans from both sides of New Guinea’s vertical border join forces to confront Indonesia’s 60-year-old annexation of the western half of the island.

“On behalf of the citizens of Papua New Guinea, we are now standing here to declare ourselves that we are ready to go and fight against Indonesian soldiers for helping our people of West Papua,” a spokesperson for the Sepik battalion says in their announcement video.

PNG dragged into the conflict

In late April, the central Indonesian government led by President Joko Widodo officially declared that they consider every armed separatist movement in West Papua a “terrorist organization”—an announcement that occurred in the wake of heavy fighting between the Indonesian army and the West Papuan independence movement “Organisasi Papua Merdeka” (“The movement for a free West Papua”), OPM.

During the clash, Indonesian brigadier general Danny Karya Nugraha was killed, prompting President Widodo to declare swift and large-scale military retaliations. A development that has led volunteers from neighboring Papua New Guinea, PNG, to act.

“Our government [in Port Moresby] does not have an initiative to support our people of West Papua, therefore we the people of Sepik, are ready to go and support,” the spokesperson for the Sepik battalion says.

The historic announcement of volunteers joining the armed conflict for an independent West Papua pushes the boundaries for the conflict and puts PNG’s central government on the spot. Its continuing good relationship to its counterpart in Jakarta is of great concern, but even more important is to nurture PNG’s relationship to its southern neighbor Australia—who’s come to  the rescue amidst the Port Moresby government’s shortcomings in its dealing with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic—and who officially “respects” Indonesia’s annexation of West Papua.

“The Indonesian government call them [OPM] terrorists, but they are not the terrorists—they are fighting for their land. Indonesia—you are the thief,” the Sepik battalion spokesperson says.

The voluntary battalion’s entry into the conflict now forces the central government in Port Moresby to make a political stand in the West Papua issue.

“Total warfare” imminent

Benny Wenda, West Papuan provisional President based in London, says West Papua hasn’t been so close to total warfare since the 1970s.

“The level of military operations we now see is a return to the Suharto era in the 1970s,” he tells Global Magazine.

When Benny Wenda was young, he endured Indonesia’s military raids and operations, and witnessed them firsthand. Then, Indonesian dictator Suharto enforced gross human rights violations in West Papua—e.g., in the form of using Napalm and chemical weapons and documented massacres—in the central highlands, where people are still traumatized by the chocking events.

Indonesia then tried to quell the widespread desire for West Papuan independence, but the resistance has survived and today it’s the second generation of independence fighters, born under Indonesian occupation and raised during a time of encouraged “transmigration,” in hopes of turning West Papuans into a minority on their own turf. The second generation now continues their parents’ war on Jakarta and its discharge of natural resources, most visible at the Freeport Mine, earlier known as Grasberg.

“Indonesia shuts down the internet”

Indonesia is currently deploying more troops to the military “hotspots” of the central highlands, something that’s been done in the protection of a prolonged internet blackout—which has kept telephones, social media, and information channels silent for days in the most vulnerable regions of West Papua.

The internet blackout occurred as Benny Wenda announced the formation of the historic provisional government, whose department secretaries remain anonymous as they operate inside West Papua “to undermine Indonesian rule.”

“The internet is being cut off, hundreds more troops are being deployed, and we are receiving reports that West Papuan civilians are fleeing from their villages in Intan Jaya, Puncak Jaya, and Nduga regencies,” Benny Wenda writes in a statement on 4 May.

Internet blackouts – a political tool

It’s not the first time that internet is cut and blocked in West Papua. In August and September 2019, all digital doors to West Papua were slammed shut amidst political unrest, which resulted in killings of civilians by Indonesian army and police forces.

In June, the Jakarta State Administrative Court, PTUN, ruled Indonesia’s actions as “unlawful” and a violation of the 1959 State Emergency Law to impose the internet blackout to, officially, halt the spreading of “fake news” per social media. The court ruling was historic and a testimony to the measures the Indonesian state apparatus is prepared to take, in violation of its own enacted laws, to quell dissatisfaction and exchange of information among West Papuan residents.

The current internet blackout bares no political motives, per telecom and communications service provider PT Telkom Indonesia, per Radio New Zealand’s reporting on 3 May.

A solution to the blackout in large parts of the central highlands is yet, on 6 May, to be found.

Aceh might join forced against “alleged genocide”

The armed West Papuan independence struggle might soon—in addition to volunteers from neighboring Papua New Guinea—also see recruits from Indonesian Aceh province, per sources to Global Magazine.

Aceh, the northern part of Sumatra on the Western side of the Indonesian archipelago, long waged its own independence struggle against the central government in Jakarta ever since the formation of the Indonesian Republic in the 1940s. A bloody war that resulted in a peace agreement in 2005 and increased autonomy for Aceh.

This information—although at this stage only rumors—pushes the conflict of West Papua into a new stage, on the battlefield in the central highlands as well as inside political corridors. The question is how long the outside world can continue to ignore Indonesia’s military development, West Papua’s 40,000-odd internally displaced citizens and the recurring usage of internet blackouts as a tool to halt witness accounts from the conflict’s “hotspots” in the central highlands to reach the outside world.

“The Indonesian state is conducting a program of genocide against the West Papuan people. A bloody conflict that the US, Europe and the rest of the world community must intervene to stop,” Sebby Sambon, spokesperson for the OPM, tell Global Magazine.


Papua New Guinea’s diplomacy on West Papua issue embraces international best – practice. The involvement of UN General Assembly is expected through art and craft of diplomacy to revisit the UN resolution on 1969 Act of Free Choice in which it ‘noted’ the outcome of the UN – supervised referendum on the political status of West Papua in the international system.

At the79th ACP group of countries leaders summit held in Nairobi, Kenya, PNG acceded to the unanimous resolution in which former colonized countries in Africa, Carribbean, and Pacufic agreed to support the option for West Papua to be reinstated on the list of UN Committee of 24.

West Papua was on the list but following Indonesian invasion of the former Dutch colony in 1962 it was removed. In the aftermath, the occupation industry run by Indonesian authorities and its military took over control from the Dutch.

And, for 55 years Indonesia gave the impression to the international community that the  independence struggle was a ‘ security issue’ for Indonesia and not an international issue with a colonial context.

The historic shift was inevitable.

PNG authorities scrambled to find an explanation to the drama. Read, here:

More report from PNG media is here:

For decades the freedom struggle suffered for want of internationalisation of the West Papua issue, which reached new heights in recent years with the independence struggle united under one umbrella called United Liberation Movement of West Papua or ULMWP.

(Photo caption: Indonesia’s ‘secret war’ in Australian neighbourhood, right on its doorstep, sees a historical shift from ‘ low – level insurgency’ for independence into total war with implications for West Papua proxy state of independent PNG; West Papua – since 1960s, its status as a UN Non – Self Governing Trust Territory has become a thorn for UN General Assembly and that ‘pebble in Jakarta’s shoes’; UN’s Dream or Pet Project in 1960s – West Papua was the last bastion of the free world, 55 years on today in 21st Century the former Dutch colony is qualified to be free having met the bar or measurement to put its case for self – rule to the international community including MSG and PIF through United Liberation Movement for West Papua or ULMWP)

Press Release: West Papuan Provisional Government forms cabinet and departments in blow to Indonesian rule

The Provisional Government of West Papua has announced the formation of a full cabinet commanding 12 government departments throughout the country. The newly-created departments, ranging from Green State Policy to Defense, deepen the challenge to Indonesia’s illegal occupation of West Papua.

After announcing the formation of the Provisional Government on December 1, 2020, the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) has been building up governance capacities inside the colonised territory. The latest move comes after President Jokowi ordered a ‘crackdown’ in West Papua in response to the killing of an Indonesian intelligence chief.

A number of prominent West Papuans inside the country have been appointed to the cabinet, led by Interim President Benny Wenda and the Interim Prime Minister. The ministers will cover the following portfolios:

  • Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Department of Environment and Green State Policy
  • Department of Home Affairs
  • Department of Rights of All Beings and Justice
  • Department of Political Affairs
  • Department of Indonesia Affairs
  • Department of Melanesia Affairs
  • Department of Women Affairs
  • Department of Social and Cultural Affairs
  • Department of Police
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Finance

Due to the intense political repression of the Indonesian regime, the names of the cabinet ministers are not being released. The departments are working underground in West Papua to undermine Indonesian rule from the inside. The Department of Foreign Affairs will command the ULMWP’s network of diplomatic missions across the world, including the EU, UK, US and Pacific.

The Department of Defense will command the united West Papua Army. The military commanders will include:

  • Supreme Commander Chief General Mathias Wenda
  • Deputy Supreme Commander General Goliat Tabuni
  • Chief of Staff Colonel Amos Sorondany
  • First Deputy Chief of Staff General Titus Murib
  • Second Deputy Chief of Staff General Brigen Fredinand Warobay
  • Third Deputy Chief of Staff General Abubakarak Omawi Wenda
  • Fourth Deputy Chief of Staff Mayor General Terianus Satto

The commanders today announce their commitment to operating within international humanitarian law and the laws of armed conflict, and their support for a peaceful approach to resolving the conflict.

The announcement comes on May 1, the anniversary of the Indonesian invasion of West Papua in 1963, commemorated annually by the West Papuan people.

Interim President Wenda said: ‘On the 58th anniversary of the illegal Indonesian invasion of our country, we take another step towards reclaiming our homeland. We are forming the world’s first Green State, able to protect the rights and life of all beings in place of an Indonesian occupation that has murdered hundreds of thousands of my people. Human rights and climate justice will be at the heart of our Provisional Government.’

Find full statement by Interim President Wenda on the announcement here.

Source: ULMWP

UUDS Menjamin Semua Prajurit Papua Merdeka sebagai Kombatan Kemerdekaan, …

Kami bukan KSB! Kami bukan teroris! Dan kami sama sekali bukan separatis! Kami adalah kombatan atau pejuang yang memiliki status hukum sebagai seseorang yang memiliki hak untuk terlibat dalam peperangan selama konflik bersenjata internasional.

Kami membela tanah leluhur yang diinvasi, dirampok dan dicuri oleh pencuri, penjarah dan perampok. Kami bukan pengacau tetapi kami mengusir pengacau. Kami bukan separatis tetapi kami mengusir separatis. Dengan status pemerintahan sementara berdasarkan UUDS yang telah disahkan, maka segala kegiatan West Papua Army di Wilayah Hukum West Papua ialah sah demi hukum dan kami bertindak melindungi tanah leluhur kami.

“Ingat, kami tidak mengatakan tanah air, tetapi kami katakan tanah leluhur. Yaitu tanah warisan nenek-moyang kami, bukan tanah rampasan, bukan tanah pendudukan. Kami tidak berniat mencuri tanah orang lain seperti yang dilakukan penjajah di manapun di dunia, seperti nyata hari ini lewat NKRI.”

demikian kata Amunggut Tabi, Gen. WPA

Dengan deklarasi UUDS dan disusul pengumuman pemerintahan sementara ini, maka telah menjadi tugas yang melekat bagi West Papua Army dan West Papua Police sebagai kekuatan pertahanan dan keamanan, keuatan penegakkan hukum dan pertahanan wilayah kekuasaan untuk bertindak dalam rangka mengamankan tanah Papua dan bangsa Papua dari berbagai pelanggaran, perampokan, pencurian, penjarahan yang dilakukan NKRI.

Bangsa Papua telah lama “paralized” sehingga tidak mampu berpikir dan bertindak secara konstitusional. Telah memakan waktu lebih dari setengah abad untuk tiba pada tingkatan perjuangan berdasarkan Undang-Undang, meng-upgrade perjuangan ini menjadi perjuangan yang modern dan bermartabat.

Nurani manusia dan dunia telah menilai siapa sebenarnya pembela kebenaran dan hak asasi manusia di Tanah Papua, karena mereka telah tahu Indonesia ada di Tanah Papua untuk menduduki, mencuri, menjarah dan merampok tanah Papua dan kekayaan alamnya; dan pada waktu yang sama menginjak-injak, merendahkan, mengacaukan dan membinasakan manusia Papua. Era itu telah berakhir per tanggal 18 Oktober 2020 saat UUDS disahkan, dan 1 Desember 2020 saat pemerintahan sementara Republik West Papua diumumkan.

demikian kata Amunggut Tabi, Gen. WPA

Dengan bergabung ke Weest Papua Army, maka kita sebagai pejuang pasti disebut sebagai “kombatan”, yang berhak membela diri dalam rangke memperjuangkan pembebasan tanah dan bangsa Papua, dalam rangka mengusir NKRI dari tanah pendudukan: Wilayah Republik West Papua.

Amunggut Tabi: Berpikir dan Bertindak Beradab, Sadar Tanah ini Punya UUD Sendiri

Dari Markas Pusat Pertahanan (MPP) West Papua Army (WPA), Amunggut Tabi, Gen. WPA menyatakan salah satu misi revolusi dalam perjuangan bangsa Papua ialah me-revolusi paradigma, cara pandang dan wacana dan tindakan dalam menyikapi dinamika politik yang berkembang di Tanah Papua.

Menanggapi tanggapan yang disampaikan oleh politisi Indonesia, dan terutama Tentara Nasional Indonesia yang hendak berkantor pusat di Tanah Papua, maka Gen. Tabi menyatakan

Berpikirlah dan bertindaklah beradab. Kita harus saling menyadari dan saling mengakui, bahwa Tanah ini pada hari ini telah memiliki Konstitusi yang memagari, mengatur dan mengandalikannya. Dengan demikian UUD asing telah gugur demi hukum. Secara rohani dan secara legal, di alam semesta, di dunia non fisik telah dirayakan secara luas, baik di pulau-pulau di Indonesia maupun di Tanah Papua, bahwa Tanah Papua, dari Raja-Ampat sampai Maroke telah memiliki UUD yang melindunginya dari segala macam serangan, dalam bentuk apapun, jenis apapun, termasuk serangan militer den polisi Indonesia.

Amunggut Tabi, Gen. WPA

Ditanyakan apa tanggapan terhadap pendapat ahli hukum internasional Indonesia yang menyatakan deklarasi pemerintah West Papua dan deklarasi UUDS NRWP (Negara Republik West Papua) tidak memiliki dasar hukum, maka Gen. Tabi dengan santani menjawab, “NKRI sebagai penjajah harus mengatakan begitu. Kalau tidak begitu NKRI bukan penjajah atas tanah dan bangsa Papua! Opini penjajah pasti tidak akan pernah setuju dengan langkah ULMWP dan bangsa Papua>

Menjawab tanggapan Kemenlu RI yang menganggap usaha ULMWP sia-sia karena PBB telah mengakui invasi dan pendudukan NKRI atas West papau sebagai sesuatu yang telah sah, maka Gen. Tabi katakan

Yang tidak bisa dirubah hanya kodrat Allah. Salah satu kodrat Allah ialah matahari terbit dari Timur dan terbenam di Barat. Itu tidak dapat dirubah. Salah dua ialah bahwa pulau New Guinea itu bukan tanah air Indonesia. Itu tidak dapat dirubah dan dijadikan sebagai tanah-air Indonesia. Salah tiga, menjadikan bangsa Papua mengaku diri atau dikleim sebagai orang Indonesia adalah pelanggaran Hukum Allah dan Hukum Alam. Jadi yang melawan kodrat dan hukum Allah bukan orang Papua, tetapi orang Indonesia dan NKRI. Politisi di Deplu RI jangan menipu diri sendiri dan jangan menipu bangsa kalian. Kita harus fair dan berpikir beradab bahwa West Papua bukan Indonesia, orang Papua bukan ras Melayu dan pulau New Guinea bukan wilayah NKRI.

Amunggut Tabi, Gen. WPA

Ditanyakan bagaimana dengan pembentukan pemerintah sementara West Papua, di mana posisi militer West Papua Army? Gen. Tabi menyatakan

ada tiga komando militer gerilya Papua Merdeka yang telah bersatu dan panglima dari ketiga komando akan bertemu menyusun strategi perlawanan bersenjata. Sekarang ada Undang-Undang yang menjamin sehingga semua prajurit Papua Merdeka adalah kombatan kemerdekaan, bukan KKB, bukan KSB, bukan teroris, bukan separatis. Ketiga komando akan mengundang komando yang lain di seluruh Tanah Papua untuk bergabung melawan penjajah. Bahkan pasukan gerilyawan dari Timor Leste, Aceh dan Maluku juga akan diundang untuk bergabung, karena mereka telah lama bersedia dan meminta-minta untuk bergabung. Penundaan dilakukan komando di Tanah Papua karena militer di Tanah Papua belum bersatu. Dengan penyatuan nama kesatuan dan dalam waktu dekat penyatuan komando gerilya Papua Merdeka menyusul Undang-Undang militer West Papua dan Undang-Undang Perang Papua Merdeka, maka semua langkah WPA akan dilakukan berdasarkan Udang-Undang dan para kombatan lain yang menentang NKRI dari seluruh wilayah jajahan NKRI akan bersatu.

Amunggut Tabi, Gen. WPA

Penjajah, Peneror dan Pembunuh OAP HANYA 1: Indonesia atas nama NKRI

Dari Markas Pusat Pertahanan West Papua Army (WPA)

Ancaman terhadap para petinggi politik ULMWP dan petinggi militer khususnya dari TRWP pernah dikeluarkan oleh oknum yang tidak diketahui sumbernya, akan tetapi diperkirakan ada orang-orang di dalam ULMWP sendiri yang bermain di air keruh, ada juga orang-orang dari luar ULMWP.

Tujuannya untuk mengaburkan perjuangan dan menekan para pimpinan ULMWP agar tidak mengambil langkah-langkah berani, tegas dan cepat dalam rangka menyelamatkan nasib bangsa Papua dari penjajahan NKRI.

Menurut pengamatan kami, kalau sebuah tuduhan menyebutkan nama-nama pribadi orang Papua, maka yang membuat teror itu jelas-jelas orang Indonesia. Karena satu-satunya pembunuh orang Papua, peneror dan yang mengancam orang Papua selama ini HANYA NKRI dan antek-anteknya.

Perbedaan sangat biasa, apapun dan di manapun ada perbedaan. Perbedaan bukan untuk dijadikan sebagai dasar untuk saling mengancam, memusuhi, apalagi meneror untuk dibunuh.

Sekali lagi, PEMBUNUH BANGSA PAPUA ialah NKRI, dan orang Indonesia, dan oleh karena itu atas nama apapun, dengan alasan apapun, siapa saja-pun, kalau ia berbicara dan bertindak menghabisi nyawa manusia Papua, berarti DIA ITU ADALAH NKRI, atau dia itu antek-antek dan kaki-tangan penjajah yang menyamar seolah-olah berbicara untuk Papua Merdeka.

Oleh karena itu ada tiga hal yang harus kita lakukan sebagai sebuah bangsa beradab dan sebuah masyarakat yang baru saja memiliki Undang-Undang Dasar Negara, yaitu

  1. Mari kita berdoa dengan sungguh-sunggu kepada Tuhan pencipta dan sumber separatisme sedunia, agar Tuhan mengampuni semua salah dan dosa yang dilakukan NKRI dan orang Indonesia terhadap orang Papua ras Melanesia. Kami sebagai umat beragama yang telah menyelesaikan perjuangan ini tidak berhak menahan pemberian maaf dan pengampunan kami terhadap sesama manusia, yang tidak tahu apa yang mereka perbuat.
  2. Mari kita melupakan masa lalu dan memandang ke masa depan, dan mendoakan semua orang Papua, di manapun kita berada. Hentikan mengeluarkan emosi negatif apapun, dengan alasan apapun, kepada sesama orang Papua, karena dampak daripada emosi dan energi negatif justru merugikan bangsa Papua. Tuhan Yesus mengampuni dosa kita dan karena itu Allah telah melupakan dosa kita, dan kita telah didamaikan dengan Allah, hanya karena kasih.
  3. Perbesar dan kembang-biakkan ‘cinta-kasih” dan mari kita bagikan kepada semua orang, di manapun mereka berada, apapun bangsanya, apapun negaranya, terutama sesama orang Papua dan kepada orang Indonesia.

Mata kita tertuju kepada tujuan, hati kita tertuju kepada harapan hidup kekal di saat Hakim Mahaagung datang menghakimi dan Raja di atas segala raja memerintah semesta alam sepanjang masa.

Dalam nama Allah Bapa, Allah Anak dan Allah Roh Kudus, hamba-Mu berdoa kepada Allah Bapa di sorga. Nama saya AmungguT Tabi, General WPRA, datang kepada-Mu sebagai Panglima Mahatinggi Komando Revolusi semesta alam sepanjang masa, untuk mengajar saya dan semua saudara sebangsa dan setanah air saya, untuk mengikuri Rumus Enam Balok kartu politik Papua Merdeka, yaitu Rumus Kasih.

Aku tahu persis, bahwa adalah kasih yang telah mengalahkan Ibilis. Karena kasih Engkau bertahan menderita sebagai manusia, disalibkan, mati dan dikuburkan. Dan karena kasih pula Engkau memberikan Roh Kudus untuk menjadi kekuatan untuk mengalahkan roh-roh kegelapan duniawi yang selalu meneror dan menakut-nakuti hati dan nurani.

Aku tahu persis, ya, Yesus bahwa adalah kasih yang memelihara kami bangsa Papua sampai hari ini

Adalah kasih yang memungkinan sebuah Undang-Undang Dasar sebuah negara bernama Republik West Papua telah disahkan baru-baru ini.

Adakah karena kasih yang mendasari penghakiman terakhir, yang akan memberikan hadiah kepada hamba-Mu ini sesuai perbuatanku di dunia ini, dan akan menghukum bagi orang-orang berdosa, penumpah darah, pencuri, perampok, peneror, pembunuh dan pendosa-pendosa lainnya.

Adalah kasih yang harus saya gunakan untuk menyelesaikan perjuangan ini Ya Tuhan, saya tahu persis, BUKAN DENDAM, BUKAN BENCI, BUKAN NASIONALISME MEMBABI-BUTA, bukan saling menyiku dan meneror, bukan saling membunuh, tetapi dengan kasih,

Di dalam nama Yesus saya tolak kuasa kegelapan yang menghantui pemikiran dan perasaan orang Papua.

Di dalam nama Yesus saya tolak roh egosime pribadi dan egoisme kelompok yang membelenggu bangsa ku.

Di dalam nama Yesus saya tolak roh pecah-belah dan saling menceritakan, yang telah lama berakar-urat di tengah-tengah bangsa Papua.

Di dalam nama Yesus, saya tolah roh ketakutan karena teror dan intimidasi, yang ditebarkan ibilis dan pengikut-pengikutnya.

Di dalam nama Yesus, saya kleim kemenangan di dalam Yesus Kristus atas dasar KASIH ALLAH

Di dalam nama yesus saya kleim kesatuan dan persatuan bangsa Papua sebagai satu nenek-moyang, satu bangsa, satu nasib, dan satu cita-cita serta satu pengharapan di dalam Yesus Kristus.

Di dalam Nama Allah Bapa, Allah Anak dan Allah Roh Kudus,

Di hadapan segenap komunitas makhluk, benda alam, bentang alam, roh, tubuhan, hewan, arwah para pahlawan yang telah gugur di medan perjuangan bangsa Papua, dan arwah anak-cucu yang akan lahir.

Amin! Amin! Amin.

Chief Gen. WPA Mathias Wenda: Syukur Bagimu! Tuhan untuk UUDS NRWP

Tentara West Papua (West Papua Army)

Syukur bagi-Mu Tuhan!

Upacara Ucapan Syukur dan Peresmian MPP WPA

Pada hari ini, dari Markas Pusat Pertahanan Tentara West Papua (West Papua Army), Panglima Komando WPA Chief General Mathias Wenda, dengan ini menaikkan pujian hormat bagi nama Allah Bapa, Allah Anak dan Allah Roh Kudus atas campur-tangan Allah dalam perjuangan bangsa Papua untuk melepaskan diri dari belenggu kaki-tangan iblis bernama: Indonesia (Negara Kafir Republik Indonesia – NKRI).

Menyambut mujizat karya Allah yang telah nyata lewat pengesahan Undang-Undang Dasar Sementara Negara Republik West Pada pukul 3.00 AM (dinihari) tanggal 18 Oktober 2020 bertempat di tempat Sidang Komite Legislatif ULMWP (United Liberation Movement for West Papua), Port Numbay, West Papua, maka pada hari ini diselenggarakan:
Acara: Pengucapan Syukur atas Pengesahan UUDS NRWP
Tempat: Markas Pusat Pertahanan WPA
Ketiatan: 1. Ibadah Syukur
2. Pidato Panglima WPA Chief Gen. Mathias Wenda
3. Tarian Adat Papua

Selaku Panglima Komando Tentara West Papua menyampaikan “SELAMAT” kepada bangsa Papua, dan kepada para pejuang Papua Merdeka, bahwa saat ini

  1. Tanah Papua,
  2. Orang Papua,
  3. Alam Papua,
  4. Roh Melanesia,
  5. Tumbuhan New Guinea,
  6. Benda-Benda Alam New Guinea, dan
  7. Bentang Alam New Guinea

di atas semuanya

  1. para pahlawan yang telah gugur di medan perjuangan, dan
  2. para anak-cucu yang akan lahir ke pulau New GUinea.

menaikkan hormat, puji-pujian dan kemuliaan bagi nama Allah Bapa, Allah Anak dan Allah Roh Kudus!

Biarlah semua makhluk bersyukur, memuji dan memuliakan Allah.
Biarlah bangsa Papua merayakan, menaikkan puji-pujian dan tari-tarian bagi Tritunggal Allah di dalam Tuhan Yesus Kristus, Panglima Revolsui Mahatinggi Semesta Alam sepanjang masa.
Biarlah bangsa Papua bergerak saat ini untuk memberkati bangsa-bangsa di manapun mereka berada.


Dikeluarkan : Markas Pusat Pertahanan Tentara West Papua
Pada Tgl : 20 Oktober 2020

Panglima Komando Tentara West Papua


Mathias Wenda, Cheif.Gen. WPA
BRN. A DF 00107676

Three Poisons in Free West Papua Campaigns (2)

General WPRA Amunggut Tabi stated in one of the briefings to his troops at the Central Headquarters of West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) at Yako Village, Papua New Guinea that there are three poisons that have destroyed our campaigns to free West Papua, namely egoism, gossiping, and fear.

We have discussed the first poison in previous article. Now we look into the second poison called “Nabok-Kabok”, which literally means, talking about you and at the same time talking about me. This is the first social poison, stems from the first personal poison: ego.

The second Poison is called “Nabok-Kabok” and “Nebi-Kebi”

In Lani language of West Papua we call “nabok-kabok” telling bad stories about other people.’meaning “gossiping”, talking about fellow human, and talking about others without any clear basis and facts, we just gossip around, baseless talk about other human beings. We spread hatred, suspicion and create tensions by spreading wrong or baseless information about other people and about what they are doing.

The Lani concept of “gossip” literally means I spread gossips about you and you also spread gossips about me. There is reciprocal dynamic, cause and effect, give and receive, natural act of balancing occurring automatically.

There is hatred in gossip and there is lie in gossip, both caused by “an-an”, the previous poison that we already discussed. Gossip is groundless, baseless information about something against someone. The purpose of gossiping is to undermine someone that were are gossiping about, and demean whatever they do and even whoever they are.

In addition to lie and hatred in gossiping, there is also an element of slander in gossiping, i.e, spreading false information about someone else or something. Most gossip contain slander, but there are also gossip that contain truth. The problem here is the purpose of gossiping, not on whether or not the information is true or false.

In Lani language, it is called “nabok-kabok“, which means psychologically, that when I am telling stories about others, I am also telling stories about myself to others. In other words, by gossiping, I am showing to others who I am. If I am telling bad stories about others in my gossip, then I am as bad as the gossip. If I am a dog, I will bark, I will not whistle. Just as simple as that. If I have a problem, I will always talk about problems.

Nabok-Kabok in Free West Papua Campaign

There is no time to mention gossiping among West Papuan leaders, activists and organisations that has been happening along our independence struggle, but we want to focus on what is happening right now, per October 2020.

  1. There is gossip from the ULMWP that Octovianus Motte does not like and does not accept Benny Wenda as the chair of the ULMWP Executives, and therefore, he is creating and organising other groups against the ULMWP in general and Benny Wenda.
  2. There is gossip that Indonesia is using TPN PB OPM to destroy ULMWP and Free West Papua Campaign, and at the same time, TPN PB OPM also blame that ULMWP is an Indonesian sponsored organisation that aims at stopping West Papua from gaining independence.
  3. There is gossip that West Papua Army is an Indonesian sponsored military command, and at the same time all commanders who joined the West Papua Army blame the TPN PB OPM as fully funded by the Indonesian BIN and Kopassus.
  4. There is gossip that the “14-Stars Group” or NRFPB is already in full control of the ULMWP and that at the end of the day a free and independent West Papua will not be The Republic of West Papua but it will be The Republic of West Melanesia.
  5. There is also gossip that Buktar Tabuni and Lukas Enembe already signed agreement in order to accept dialogue to be conducted between Indonesia and Jakarta.
  6. There is gossip that Jeffry Bomanak is fully paid by Indonesia, he gets his salaries from Indonesian consulate in Vanimo and Port Moresby. Likewise there is also gossip that WPRA and WPA are fully paid by Indonesia through various business activities carried out in West Papua.
  7. There is gossip that Menase Tabuni dan Markus Haluk are paid by Indonesia inside the ULMWP in order to stop West Papua from gaining full independence.

The list can continue to hundreds and even thousands of gossips spreading around Melanesians in West Papua. We call all these “gossips”, and many of them contain slander or defamation

Defamation (also known as calumny, vilification, libel, slander or traducement) is the oral or written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation and usually constitutes a tort or crime.

“Nabok-Kabok” nen apuluk/ agaluk “Nebi-Kebi Endake”: Gossiping brings about Divisions

Free West Papua Campaign is full of slander, baseless and even false accusations that costed so many lives in the hands of fellow Melanesians. We have spent more time and energy spreading rumours and gossiping about each other than talking about Indonesia and what they are doing against our struggle.

Free West Papua Campaign without slander, rumours and gossiping will cost us less time, less energy, less money, and no lives.

Gossiping has divided us up. Gossiping has destroyed us personally and our groups. Gossiping has poisoned this holy and morally, democratically, legally and spiritually justifiable struggle.

Yes, the result of gossiping is division. And division is the goal of the Satan, Lucifer. As we recall the Biblical story, we see the Lucifer’s ambition to become the same as God has failed. His work to colonise human beings also failed because Jesus has died on the cross and has risen from the death, and has ascended to have, and have promised to come back to judge and throw him and his followers to hell, and take all believers to heaven.

Whenever there is gossiping, of course there is division. We recall the Biblical history. When Lucifer came to Eve, he started gossiping about God, by twisting some words from the Bible, which caused Eve to twist and then misinterpret the outcome of falling into the Devil’s trap. This gossiping aused deadliest separation between God and men. Human race fell into sin and became separated from God.

The Bible in Genesis 1:1-3 records the conversation between Eve and Lucifer as follows

Now the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field that the LORD God had made. And he said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden?’ ”
2 The woman answered the serpent, “We may eat the fruit of the trees of the garden,
3 but about the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden, God has said, ‘You must not eat of it or touch it, or you will die.’ ”…


The question from Lucifer added “any tree” even though God only said “only one tree” that human should never eat. In reply, Eve said, “…you must not eat of it or touch it, or you will die”. God never said anything about touching it, He spoke about eating it. There are additions to the truth. This brought about sin. This brought about division between God and human race.

Exactly the same pattern operates today in our lives, particularly in our campaigns to Free West Papua. When we add ingredients to our cooking, then the taste of the food changes from its original pure taste into new taste, from united, loving and kindness in Jesus Christ, as fellow human beings and fellow Melanesians into division hatred and even threat to each other.

What a game we are in!

Psychologically, the basis for gossiping is still the same, “the ego”. We are in service to our own ego

And the outcome of gossiping is also the same “we fall into sin”, we commit sin, we become sinners. It divides us up, it indicates that we are not trustworthy, it shows that we are murderer, we have wickedness in our hearts, we are full of hatred against others.

And the outcome of gossiping is we exhaust our energy, we waste our energy and finally we reach nothing but hatred, division and failure.

  • Egocentric person or leader will be happy and will make gossiping as the his/ hear staple food.
  • Egocentric person or leader will be happy to see his competitor get nothing, his/ her opponent is kicked out or disliked or hated by others.
  • Egocentric person or leader will start his discussions by pointing problems and mistakes committed by his opponents or his potential competitor.

“Ego” is the source of slander and gossip. Ego is the mother of gossiping. Spreading unsubstantiated and false information about others serves the ego of the person spreading it, talking about it, and enjoying it.

In other words, anybody or any leader who are not egocentric will never spread rumours and engaged in gossiping about other leaders, fellow Independence fighters.

“Nabok-Kabok” is a Social Decease, Stems from Personal Poison Called “Ego”

It was mentioned before that “gossiping” is a poison, but it is actually a disease. “a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location…” <;

The famous Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, “A disease is a particular abnormal condition that negatively affects the structure or function of all or part of an organism, and that is not due to any immediate external injury.” <;

“Nabok-Kabok” is a social decease, stems from poison number 1: the “ego”. It is a personal poison, that produces a social poison called “nabok-kabok”.

The outcome of this disease creates a new poison called “slander, rumours and gossip”. So gossip become poison when the people who gossip become addicted to it, and then become used to gossiping, and finally they “enjoy gossiping”.

“Nabok-Kabok” Creates “Nabi-Kebi” as is the Deadliest Social Poison in a Struggle for Collective Cause

As stated above, Lucifer crated gossip about what God has said about fruits in the Garden. Even also said something in addition to what God really said. This turns and shifting from truth into gossip created division between God and human. The same formula applies to human lives. When we spread rumours, create slanders, start gossiping each other, we are creating a social disease called “division”.

The term “nebi-kebi” in Lani language means, I do not like you and you do not like me, I hate you and you hate me. This creates what Indonesians called “musuh dalam kelambu”, i.e., enemies in our own sleeping nets.

“Nebik-Kebi” comes from the Seed called “Ego”, through the root called “Fear”, into the Stem Called “Nabok-Kabok” that BRINGS ABOUT “DEath”

That is the “death” of human beings, the death of a struggle, death of the collective mission and efforts. Death to the mission, death to the vision, death to the collective struggle, and even death to the persons gossiping.

The cause and effect continues, “nebi-kebi” causes hatred and other destructive and deadly minds, rhetoric and actions. “Nebi-kebi” can cause killing each other among fellow independence fighters.

Now is YOUR JOB Readers

  1. Notice when Benny Wenda speaks to you and make a public statement about anything or anybody
  2. Notice when Octovianus Motte speaks to you and make a public statement about anything or anybody
  3. Notice when Chief Gen. WPRA Mathias Wenda speaks to you and make a public statement about anything or anybody
  4. Notice when Jeffry Pagawak speaks to you and make a public statement about anything or anybody
  5. Notice when Victor Yeimo speaks to you and make a public statement about anything or anybody
  6. Notice when Sebby Sambom speaks to you and make a public statement about anything or anybody
  7. Notice when Egianus Kogeya speaks to you and make a public statement about anything or anybody
  8. Notice when Nggoliar Tabuni speaks to you and make a public statement about anything or anybody
  9. Notice when Buktar Tabuni speaks to you and make a public statement about anything or anybody
  10. Notice when any leader speaks to you and make a public statement about anything or anybody

Pay close attention to their choice of words, their attention, their gestures or their logic. Look at what they say,

  • Are they really talking against Indonesia?
  • Are they really talking to free West Papua?
  • Are they doing something else other than the above two?

This to avoid in this kind of exercise are as follows:

  1. Kill your personal and group ego first. If not you will find it hard to accept what is written here. If you find it hard, you must pray to God to forgive and to forget.
  2. Pray for forgiveness, forgive the person who is talking and ask for forgiveness for yourself.
  3. Focus on whether or not the speaker is talking about
    1. “to free West Papua”? or
    2. to fight againt Indonesia”? or
    3. to fight each other among Melanesians ourselves?

Last Note

  • What should be done with the poison of egocentric leader?
  • What should be done with the poison of egocentric military command?
  • What is the third poison?
  • What is the Biblical references to gossip, slander and spreading rumours?
  • What should be done with gossips, rumours and divisions already existing withing Melanesians from West Papua in this struggle for independence from Indonesian neo-colonial rule?

[…to be continued….]

Further Reading

Three Poisons in Free West Papua Campaigns (1)

General WPRA Amunggut Tabi stated in one of the briefings to his troops at the Central Headquarters of West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) at Yako Village, Papua New Guinea that there are three poisons that have destroyed our campaigns to free West Papua, namely egoism, gossiping, and fear.

The first one is the Poison called “An-An”

In Lani language of West Papua it is called “An-an“, i.e., only me, nobody else. Let us remember two stories in the Bible One is the fall of the Lucifer as the Leader of all Praise and Worship before God. And the second is the fall of human race into sin.

Lucifer is the closest Angel to God of all angels. He said, “An Ala nda’ndak arikit!,” mbaregerak, which means he chose by himself, to become the same as God. He said, “I want to become the same as God!” This is called “an-an” or egocentric statement, egocentric ambition.

A second story of poisoning recorded the Bible can be found in Genesis Chapter 3. In the Garden of Eden, when Lucifer came to the first woman namely Eve and said.

5“For God knows that in the day you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”…

Lucifer implanted the same egocentric disease of “becoming the same as God” from himself to human race. And this poison made Eve fall into sin and she ate the fruit. The story continues, Adam also wanted to become “God” and that was why he also ate the fruit.

This poison of “wanting to become God” is with us all human beings. Psychologically, it is called “ego”. This is why books have been written on how to control, how to address and even how to defeat the self ego before defeating the enemy outside. Ego is seen as the enemy of the self.

Gen. Tabi said egocentric leaders would think the following:

  1. There is nobody else that can do best to free West Papua. Only myself that can free West Papua.
  2. I do not trust anybody else, they are incapable to free West Papua. I am suspicious of those others being paid and used by Indonesia. I only trust myself, therefore, I am the only best person to free West Papua.
  3. This is my effort, my work, my own idea, my concept, my property, therefore, I must be the leader, the commander, the chairman, the president, nobody else to take up this position, because I am the one who brought this struggle to this level of achievements.’
  4. I am the only person in or from West Papua that is capable of doing things I am doing. Nothing will happen like this without me.

With these mindset, they wil say like this in public

  1. I am the Commander in Chief, and I am the only one, nobody else, will free West Papua;
  2. I am the Chair of the ULMWP, and I am the only one, nobody else, will free West Papua; if you replace me, you will not be free from colonialism, so propose whatever arguments to make me be in this position.
  3. We are the only organisation that is capable of freeing West Papua, therefore, any organisation or groups that campaign for West Papua independence must join. Those who do not join us must be wiped out.

Ego is aPosion

Listen, I did not say this is a virus. I did not say this as a disease. But I said, this is a poison. Do you know what poison does?

Here is what Wikipedia, the Free Online Encyclopedia says about poison:

The term “poison” is often used colloquially to describe any harmful substance—particularly corrosive substances, carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens and harmful pollutants, and to exaggerate the dangers of chemicals. …

Similarly, definis poison as follows

Poison, in biochemistry, a substance, natural or synthetic, that causes damage to living tissues and has an injurious or fatal effect on the body, whether it is ingested, inhaled, or absorbed or injected through the skin.

Egocentric is a harmful substance in a collective struggle for collective goal such as Free West Papua Campaign. When everybody within the struggle are strongly attached to the struggle, then it becomes so personal, so egocentric and thus so destructive.

It is a “bio” and “chemistry”, it exists in living being, (bio) and it is chemical.It causes damage to living tissues. Egocentric individuals, egocentric leaders are poisonous. They destroy living tissues in a struggle.

A strong ego is important for self-confidence and strong leadership, but too much egoism is a poison.

Now, look inside you

Look at the military commanders in West Papua, look at the chair of the leaders within Free West Papua Campaign such as

  1. The Leader of the Parliament,
  2. The Leader of the ULMWP Exectutives,
  3. The Leader of the OPM,
  4. The President/ Prime Minister of the NRFPB,
  5. the Chair/ Leaders of the KNPB, and others.

If you are one of those who do not want to follow the constitution of your organisations and want to prolong your leadership term, then you should acknowledge that you are egocentric leader.

Gen. Tabi continues,

If you are one of those who never change your position and always stay there for more than 10 years, then you are a poisonous fighter. And that egocentric leader is a poison in your your own struggle to free your country and people. The one defeating you is inside you, not outside you!.

So first, you attach every success and progress made so far in the history of West Papua independence movement to yourself, to the ego that is inside you.

And second, you, therefore, defend your ego as the “only one” that can finally free West Papua, and therefore, you want to become the chair, the spokesperson, the commander, the top leader for so long, over the your term. You make efforts to serve your egocentric leadership. Remember that by doing this, you become a poison in the overall movement.

  • What should be done with the poison of egocentric leader?
  • What should be done with the poison of egocentric military command?
  • What are the second and third poisons?

[…to be continued….]

“West Papua Constitution Must be in Effect before Special Autonomy Law Ends”, says Gen. Tabi

Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi from Central Defence Headquarters of West Papua Army says the Provisional Constitution of the Republic of West Papua must be ready towards the end of the Special Autonomy Law and before Indonesia legalizes the Special Autonomy Law III from January 1, 2121.

Special Autonomy Law I began on 1 May 1963, when the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority (UNTEA) handed over West Irian to Indonesia and Indonesia promised the United Nations and the Netherlands that Indonesia will build West Papua within 25 years, then Indonesia will allow a referendum for self-determination be conducted.

This law ended 14 December 1988, this was why Dr. Thomas Wapai Wainggai proclaimed the Independence of West Papua Country.

Special Autonomy II started on 1 December 2001, based on UU Otsus No. 21/2001 which was legalised in November 2001 by Megawati Sukarnoputri. This special autonomy law is effective for 20 years, therefore, it will end this year (2020).

Special Autonomy III will begin from 2021.

This is why West Papua Indepdendence movement organisation such as TPN PB OPM under Jeffry Bomanak or ULMWP under Benny Wenda must make sure that West Papua has a formal constitution, recognized and accepted by many parties in West Papua and the people of West PApua in order to apply into the region of the Republic of West Papua.

When asked about his position on Jeffry Bomanak, Gen. Tabi says it is not time anymore to talk about differences within West Papuan people.

We have wasted to a lot of valuable time in thinking and talking about internal frictions and this make us have no energy and no time to even think about how to fight Indonesian, let alone the actual fighting,

All Melanesians in West Papua are now focusing on Special Autonomy Law and West Papua independence. We are all one One People – One Soul, we are only different in approaches and methods to gain independence, but the people and the goal or soul just one and the same for all of us

Only Indonesia and her supporters want to call this differences as factionalism and internal conflicts.

says Tabi.

He emphasizes that ULMWP or OPM must have a clear, legitimate, publicly recognized constitution for West Papua, clear and legitimate government established based on this constitution and announce this to the world. This constitution and government should go international and seek recognition from global community.

Tabi says, “This is the only way forward on the table. No more bloodshed, no more bloody conflicts. We want to resolve problems in a civilized manner”.

Asked about the statement from former Vice-President of Indonesia that wants to hold dialogues with all parties in West Papua, Gen. Tabi says he has no capacity and no duty to talk anything political. He proposes to ask Benny Wenda or Jeffery Bomanak.

When asked Gen. Tabi whether or not he is happy with what the ULMWP is doing with West Papua Army (WPA), he says, “Surely my Commander-in-Chief, Gen. WPRA Mathias Wenda is not so happy. I am so unhappy. Almost all military commands in West Papua are unhappy.”

Asked whether or not WPA will approach TPN PB OPM under Jeffry Bomay, Gen. Tabi says no answer this far, but at least all commands campaigning for West Papua independence have one ancestral line, one nation, one goal: to free West Papua from colonialism.


Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi: Why Does the ULMWP Let West Papua Army with No Commander for over 12 Months?

Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi has questioned the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULWMP) for not announcing the Commander in Chief of the military command that has been formed almost two years ago in the WPRA (West Papua Revolutionary Army) Headquarters in Yako Village, Sandaun Province, the independent State of Papua New Guinea.

He says the delay in announcing the commander in chief has shown to the world that the ULMWP is playing with the suffering and struggles of all Melanesians in West Papua.

Melanesians in West Papua are being terrorized, oppressed, imprisoned and arrested arbitrarily, and even killed, almost on the daily basis. West Papua Army should be responsible to organize guerrilla warfare against the human rights violations in West Papua, but it has been paralyzed and imprisoned, cannot do anything other than waiting for the ULMWP to announce the commander-in-chief and organisational structure with the constitution that legalizes and protects its military campaigns.

Gen. Tabi argues that if the ULMWP believes that military campaign is important for any independence movement in the world, then it would have announced the commander right on the spot, when they were holding the meeting. But they are playing politics, that is why it is taking more than 12 months to announce it.

After the ULMWP Summit for military wing, the ULMWP announced to the world that a military wing was formed from various military commands and united under the ULMWP However it never announced the commander of the united military command.


There are three possible answers:

  1. Answer number one : the ULMWP does not believe military campaign will solve the problem. It focuses more on political campaign and by diplomacy only Indonesia will end its control over West Papua. ULMWP believes that only by becoming the MSG member, by pushing the MSG and PIF leaders that will allow Indonesia to surrender.
  2. Answer number two: the ULMWP does not know what to do with the outcome of the Summit almost two years ago. The ULMWP does not understand how important it is to make the military command and military commander clear, because West Papua is still struggling for independence.
  3. Answer number three: the Indonesian secret agents have infiltrated into the ULMWP and the ULMWP is now under full control of the Indonesian agents.

There are many more possible answers, but Gen. Tabi says these three possible answers can help us to act or react as we progress from time to time.

We must stop thinking that ULMWP will finally free West Papua. From what it is doing so far, one can easily raise suspicion on its conduct. Only God is the omnipotent that can free us from any kinds and forms of colonialism, Jesus is the Only Peson on earth that says “I am the Way, I am the Truth and I am the Life”, He is the Most High Revolutionary Commander of all times, only the Holy Spirit has the power and can change the history on earth.We must pray more, surrender more and more to God.

West Papua Revolutionary Army is waiting to see if the ULMWP is serious about a free and independent West Papua, whether or not the ULMWP regards military command and military structure is crucial in an independent campaign against mighty militaristic government of Indonesia. If not, the Commander in Chief of the WPRA, Gen. WPRA Mathias Wenda is ready to take control of the overall independence movement.

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