Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi: Why Does the ULMWP Let West Papua Army with No Commander for over 12 Months?

Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi has questioned the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULWMP) for not announcing the Commander in Chief of the military command that has been formed almost two years ago in the WPRA (West Papua Revolutionary Army) Headquarters in Yako Village, Sandaun Province, the independent State of Papua New Guinea.

He says the delay in announcing the commander in chief has shown to the world that the ULMWP is playing with the suffering and struggles of all Melanesians in West Papua.

Melanesians in West Papua are being terrorized, oppressed, imprisoned and arrested arbitrarily, and even killed, almost on the daily basis. West Papua Army should be responsible to organize guerrilla warfare against the human rights violations in West Papua, but it has been paralyzed and imprisoned, cannot do anything other than waiting for the ULMWP to announce the commander-in-chief and organisational structure with the constitution that legalizes and protects its military campaigns.

Gen. Tabi argues that if the ULMWP believes that military campaign is important for any independence movement in the world, then it would have announced the commander right on the spot, when they were holding the meeting. But they are playing politics, that is why it is taking more than 12 months to announce it.

After the ULMWP Summit for military wing, the ULMWP announced to the world that a military wing was formed from various military commands and united under the ULMWP However it never announced the commander of the united military command.


There are three possible answers:

  1. Answer number one : the ULMWP does not believe military campaign will solve the problem. It focuses more on political campaign and by diplomacy only Indonesia will end its control over West Papua. ULMWP believes that only by becoming the MSG member, by pushing the MSG and PIF leaders that will allow Indonesia to surrender.
  2. Answer number two: the ULMWP does not know what to do with the outcome of the Summit almost two years ago. The ULMWP does not understand how important it is to make the military command and military commander clear, because West Papua is still struggling for independence.
  3. Answer number three: the Indonesian secret agents have infiltrated into the ULMWP and the ULMWP is now under full control of the Indonesian agents.

There are many more possible answers, but Gen. Tabi says these three possible answers can help us to act or react as we progress from time to time.

We must stop thinking that ULMWP will finally free West Papua. From what it is doing so far, one can easily raise suspicion on its conduct. Only God is the omnipotent that can free us from any kinds and forms of colonialism, Jesus is the Only Peson on earth that says “I am the Way, I am the Truth and I am the Life”, He is the Most High Revolutionary Commander of all times, only the Holy Spirit has the power and can change the history on earth.We must pray more, surrender more and more to God.

West Papua Revolutionary Army is waiting to see if the ULMWP is serious about a free and independent West Papua, whether or not the ULMWP regards military command and military structure is crucial in an independent campaign against mighty militaristic government of Indonesia. If not, the Commander in Chief of the WPRA, Gen. WPRA Mathias Wenda is ready to take control of the overall independence movement.

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